Festival Pass price / 25 €

The festival pass gives you:

// free access to all the Pixelache Helsinki 2010 events during 25-28 March 2010 *BUT NOT* to the performances at Kiasma Theatre on Sunday, March 28, for which you will need to purchase separate single tickets (see below)

// a reduced price for food and non-alcoholic drinks at Kiasma Cafe

It is recommended to reserve a festival pass in advance.
The passes can be picked up from Pixelache Info Desk starting from Wednesday March 24th.


Tickets for Sunday 28.3 Performances @ Kiasma Theatre:

//  Body Music performances / 10e

//  "I Hired a Contract Killer" movie with a live soundtrack by Vladislav Delay / 10e

These tickets are currently on sale at Kiasma Info Desk..

For inquiries: office(((a)))