Fermentation Sermon

Ossi Kakko is organizing a workshop “Fermentation Sermon” during Pixelache Helsinki Festival. Utilizing the plants grown in the Kiasma ‘taka-ikkuna’ Window Farm and in the botanical garden – the participants will gain experience in the artisanal craft of lacto-fermentation, and preserve food for future culinary sessions.

The workshop explores food sovereignty through diversity of edibles available for anyone in the wild, or to grow in their apartments, offices, public spaces, and nearby environments.

Most of the plants Ossi selected for growing in the Window Farm were not willing to be domesticated out of the wild. Therefore the full range of plants to be utilised in this workshop will be finalised just before the event, accordingly to what will be ‘wildly’ available at the time.

Ossi Kakko (FI, b. 1979) has been devoted to forager-gardener way of life since 1997. As an artist he has utilized video and networking courses, for example, to campaign against GMOs/biopiracy and for promotion of eco-forestry, minor forest produce, subsistence farming and ecological housing. He refused finnish military conscription and related civil service including the prison sentence of 195 days. Recently he’s been cooperating with tribal adivasis in India.