Arch of Neo Performance

The opening performance of PIXELACHE HELSINKI FESTIVAL 2010 is presented by Arch of Neo, a long-term collaborative effort of Niclas Kristiansson and Matti Pentikäinen (audio), and Petri Ruikka and Heikki Ryynänen (visuals). The audiovisual concert is an experiment in the correlation between sound and image sequencing, combining the world of off-kilter dubstep with visual material that studies the movement of dance and electronic images. Topically the piece deals with the indefinitely varied forms of individuality and the surrounding societal influences.

The concert is logical continuation to Arch of Neo-collective’s past pieces Aveneo (2007 at Helsinki Festival’s Huvila Festival Tent) and Perspectives on Time (2006 at Mal au Pixel, Paris).

Arch of Neo is

Niclas Kristiansson / Non Person  (Channel Zero, Katusea)
Matti Pentikäinen / Teeth  (Ceebrolistics, Katusea)

Petri Ruikka
Heikki Ryynänen / Pho-q  (Xploitec)

Dance sequences:
Direction: Petri Ruikka
Cinematography: Tuukka Ylönen
Choreography: Anniina Jääskeläinen
Costume Design: Kaisa Lahti + AJ + PR