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Pixelache Helsinki Festival 2013: Call for Programme Planner
Pixelache festival 2013 is entitled 'Facing North - Facing South' and is organized as a dual-city event, both in Helsinki and Tallinn during 16-19 May 2013. If every North as its South and every South its North, this is an invitation to alternately face North and South from multiple points of views.

With this theme, Pixelache expands it's on-going Signals from the South programme, that has focused on presenting media, art and technology projects from Africa, South America and Asia since 2009. It explores further the relationships between South and North, looking at these notions from various perspectives, including geo-political, cultural, economical, both on global, regional and local levels.

We are looking for organisations, groups or individuals who would like to organise a seminar and an exhibition for the Facing North - Facing South programme of Pixelache in Helsinki in 2013.

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