Programme 2013

The Pixelversity programme for 2013 continues several themes continuing on from 2012 with new names, and a couple new addition themes.

Around the year themes 2013

Facing North – Facing South (Pixelache focus in 2013) Multi- / trans- disciplinary capacity building around Commons issues Waste/d (continuation of Trashlab) Waste management systems, Trashlab repair cafe, creative material sustainability issues, in collaboration with different partners. This thematic develops new angles for Trashlab.

Techno-ecologies (continuation of Ecosystem & Environmental..) Sensors, alternative energy, ecological & participatory science & art+activism camp, and others. Complements to the thematic developed by RIXC Centre for New Media Culture, Riga LV.

AV Research Research & mapping of scene led by Irina Spicaka, re-invigorating Audio-visual & VJ experiments, in Pixelache scenes. Follow the initiatives here.

Knowledge & Experience Sharing (continutation of Virtuality..) Digital tools, communication infrastructures, streaming media learning, archiving and documentation strategies.

Food-info-activism Micro-residencies & and events in September, in collaboration with Ruoan tulevaisuus ry. Focused around creation of a new food festival event about art+design+science+activism. See related etherpad.


Please consult our schedule in process (i.e. things have changed since last update;)