Programme 2013
The Pixelversity programme for 2013 continues several themes continuing on from 2012 with new names, and a couple new addition themes.

Around the year themes 2013

Facing North – Facing South (Pixelache focus in 2013) Multi- / trans- disciplinary capacity building around Commons issues Waste/d (continuation of Trashlab) Waste management systems, Trashlab repair cafe, creative material sustainability issues, in collaboration with different partners. This thematic develops new angles for Trashlab. Trashlab Repair Cafe initiated by Päivi Raivio (monthly, see related etherpad)
Recycling Olympic Games initiated by Culture Factory Polymer (Call for participation)
Contribution of Trashlab & Recycling Olympic Games to Kierrätystehdas event.
Waste management expeditions (ongoing, see related etherpad)
WasteLog (ongoing) Techno-ecologies (continuation of Ecosystem & Environmental..) Sensors, alternative energy, ecological & participatory science & art+activism camp, and others. Complements to the thematic developed by RIXC Centre for New Media Culture, Riga LV. Case Pyhäjoki - Artistic Influences on Nuclear Energy initiated by Mari Keski-Korsu in collaboration with Hai Art and Finnish Bioart Society
Maaland - Renewable Worklab in collaboration with Tuomo Tammenpää, Mikko Laajola and supported by RIXC Centre for New Media Culture (see related etherpad)
Panel chair role by Andrew Paterson (Pixelache) in Media Art Histories 2013 'Renew' conference, October, Riga. AV Research Research & mapping of scene led by Irina Spicaka, re-invigorating Audio-visual & VJ experiments, in Pixelache scenes. Follow the initiatives here. Creative Coding for Live Visuals Workshops & Performances curated by Irina Spicaka in collaboration with AAVE Festival Knowledge & Experience Sharing (continutation of Virtuality..) Digital tools, communication infrastructures, streaming media learning, archiving and documentation strategies. PhotoTaggingAmok info-mapping event at Aalto Media Factory, initiated by Co-P2P special interest group in Aalto ARTS Media, and springboard event for Open cities working group (OKFinland).
PhotoTaggingAmok photo-archiving event, in Pixelache office (monthly, starting September-).
Coop Camp: Communications Infrastructure event co-organised with Hirvitalo/Pispala Cultural Association, in Pispala-Tampere.
N1 Narrative-themed open gathering, organised by Owen Kelly, in collaboration with Arcada University of Applied Sciences
Control & Survaillence: The Modern Panopticon programme of events curated by Jon Irigoyen
Living Gift Economy presentation by Tomi Astikainen, organised by Mikko Laajola, in collaboration with Esitystaiteen keskus
Creative Networks & Media Art Histories events with guests RIXC, in collaboration with Aalto Media Research and AV-Arkki
Cryptography for Postcards Workshop, hosted Markus Decker & Peter Wagenhuber, in collaboration with the Finnish Society of Bioart Food-info-activism Micro-residencies & and events in September, in collaboration with Ruoan tulevaisuus ry. Focused around creation of a new food festival event about art+design+science+activism. See related etherpad. Foodycle festival in Viiki-Suvilahti, Helsinki, co-produced with Ruoan tulevaisuus
Micro-residency of Seungho Lee (February)
Micro-residency of Amanda McDonald Crowley (May-June)


Please consult our schedule in process (i.e. things have changed since last update;)