Aims & Objectives

Pixelversity programme's aims & objectives are as follows:

Outreach & education programme ongoing throughout year
Multi- / trans- disciplinary capacity building, 'care-giving / care-taking'
that also includes accumulative skill development

Maintaining a ‘learning bridge’
Between practitioners, cultural & non-profit organisations, interested individuals and larger institutions.

Support to travel and spend time together
Camps, weekend activity, presenting in each other's events/venues

Develop an open-source appropriate skills-based pedagogy
Towards defining which this involves and what is necessary

Outreach extending beyond Helsinki identifying Commons issues
Cross-promotion, support & partnerships

Invigorate the concept of a 'Gulf of Finland Community'
Introduced by Gulf of Finland environment Society SULA in 1990s & early 2000s..
Where the community is considered as including humans, animals & plants..
From an bioregional or eco-geographic perspective.