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Meet to Delete 5.5. Report

The 'Weight of Information' Meet to Delete event of the series took place on Monday 5.5. outside and at Pixelache office. As Owen Kelly reported: We "gathered some old Pixelache documents outside the office and solemnly light a miniature bonfire". We went back indoors and slowly deleted some data from our laptops and tablets.. We tried to follow the advice of deleting more data than producing. Here is the report we sent Julian Priest: Deleted (3 different approaches).. 1. Erased 40 photos (RAW+jpg) approx 30mb per photo = 1200MB taken 26 photos (RAW+jpg) 2. Erased data from files: 673.5MB 3. 768 mails at 20kb = 15360kb = 15 MB 246 list posts = 4 MB 118 files = 2000 MB 46 comics = 184 MB = 920 MB Produced.. Taken 26 photos (RAW+jpg) 26x30 = 780MB 1 photo documentation for blog post .jpg = 0.2 MB This blogpost would be maybe 0.22 MB