Organisers and Supporters

Festival Programme Director: Juha Huuskonen

Festival Executive Director: Ville Hyvönen

Festival Coordinator: Nathalie Aubret

Pixelache Club in Korjaamo programme: Antti Ahonen

Night on Earth Club programme: Jani Joenniemi / Tuomas Laitinen

Baltic Boxwars programme: Andrew Paterson / Demian Deadly

Graphic design: Wojtek Mejor

Festival photographer: Antti Ahonen

Production assistance: Pinja Rosenberg, Eeva Bergroth

Pixelache website & communication infra: Juha Huuskonen, Mikko Laajola, Petri Lievonen

Video Documentation: Christina Kral (coordinator, camera, edit), Mika Muonen (camera, edit), Britt Hatzius (camera, edit), Ilkka Mitrunen (camera), Petri Ruikka (Friday club camera), Mikko Laajola (Saturday club camera)


Pixelache Helsinki is organised by non-profit organisation Piknik Frequency. Piknik Frequency board members: Ville Hyvönen (chairman), Antti Ahonen, Mikko Laajola, Petri Lievonen, Petri Ruikka, Jenni Valorinta, Aura Seikkula


Also big thanks to Pixelache Helsinki Advisory Board and especially all the volunteers, Pixelache could not be realised without your help!


Pixelache 2008 Helsinki is organised by non-profit organisation Piknik Frequency in collaboration with Kiasma Theatre, Korjaamo, Dubrvonik, Night on Earth, Kitchen Budapest, NIP (New Interfaces in Performance), Polar Produce


Pixelache 2008 Festival have been made possible with the support of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Arts Council of Finland, Nokia, AVEK, City of Helsinki Cultural Office, Nordic Culture Point, British Council, French Cultural Institute, Goethe-Institut, Austrian Embassy, Swedish Cultural Foundation, Hungarian Cultural and Scientific Centre Helsinki, Dopplr, The Finnish Institute in London.

Also thanks to: FRAME, Provisual, Mindworks, and Suomenlinna Hostel