Media literacy of young people seminar

A discussion about young people's media literacy skills. Language: Finnish.


  • Artist Markus Renvall has over several years developing a teaching concept for 2-3 year old children. The children work with sound and create their own films as a collaborative effort.
  • Reijo Kupiainen is a Finnish researcher who has written extensively about teaching media skills for young people.
  • Matti Kari is one of the founders of IRC-Galleria, and is currently working on communication and child protection issues at Sulake Dynamoid. IRC-Galleria is with its 470 000 registered active members the biggest social networking site for young adults in Finland. Members' average ageis 20 years and 60% of them are over 18 years of age. They use the site 18 hours every month (over half an hour every day!) on average.


Pixelache 08: Nuorten medialukutaito / Media literacy of young people (in Finnish)
Seminaari lasten ja nuorten medialukutaidosta:
- Taiteilija Markus Renvall
- Tutkija Reijo Kupiainen
- Matti Kari (IRC-Galleria)

Media literacy of young people seminar with:
- Artist Markus Renvall
- Researcher Reijo Kupiainen
- Matti Kari (IRC-Galleria)

Pixelache 08 - Podcast 3: The A-B-C Day: Systems & Media Literacy
Podcast Part 3