Organisers and supporters


Festival director: Juha Huuskonen

Pixelache technical director + Video in Theatre seminar: Ville Hyvönen

Locative media workshop: Andrew Paterson, Meiju Niskala

Pixelache VJ Battle program: Petri Ruikka, Sami Sorvali

1+1 = 3? workshop: Jenni Valorinta, Riku Saastamoinen

Production assistance: Nathalie Aubret, Glenn Grip, Mikko Laajola, Nils Krogell, Piritta Puhto

Pixelache website & communication infra: Petri Lievonen

Pixelache poster + flyer graphic design (featuring the Elk!): Wojtek Mejor

Video documentation / publication graphic design: Christina Kral

Assistance with graphic design and club music program: Juuso Koponen

Grenze project translations & production assistance: Aura Seikkula

Festival photographer: Antti Ahonen

Piknik Frequency board members: Petri Lievonen (chairman), Ville Hyvönen (vice chairman), Mikko Laajola, Teemu Kivikangas, Petri Ruikka, Jenni Valorinta





Pixelache Helsinki is organised by non-profit organisation Piknik Frequency in collaboration with Kiasma Theatre.

The mobile arts & experiments seminar and Pixelache 2006 Festival have been made possible with the support of Nokia Connect to Art and Sulake.

Pixelache Helsinki supporters are Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Arts Council of Finland, AVEK, City of Helsinki Cultural Office, British Council, French Cultural Institute, Goethe-Institut, NIFCA, Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art, Artists' Association MUU, University of Huddersfield and Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia, Department of Performing Arts .

Additional venues/collaborators for Pixelache 2006 Helsinki are UMO Jazz House, Koko-teatteri, Helsinki Railway Station and MUU gallery / Artists' Association MUU.

Pixelache 2006 mini-residency (for Grenze project) has been realised in collaboration with NIFCA, Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art.

The performance of Robin Rimbaud / Scanner and the Locative media workshop are supported by British Council.

1+1=3? workshop is a collaboration between Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia, Department of Performing Artsand Pixelache 2006 festival.

Open products/hardware seminar is supported by University of Huddersfield.

Also thanks to: Provisual and Masters of Arts 2006.

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Mal au Pixel in Paris is organised by Ars Longa, Confluences and Mains d'Œuvres, with additional events organised by l'Institut Finlandais and Project IOI.