Mobile Arts & Experiments Seminar

Mobile arts & experiments seminar brings together a diverse group of artists, designers and researchers interested in artistic and experimental use of mobile devices. The seminar showcases a selection of recent and on-going research projects and artist initiatives. The purpose of the seminar is to give feedback to the creators of these projects and to have a discussion about the current challenges and future of artistic projects on mobile devices.

The seminar is a part of Pixelache 2006 electronic art and subcultures festival.

Participation fee: 250 €

Notice! A limited amount of free places available for artists / students.
Free entrance for Pixelache 2006 staff, volunteers and artist guests.

Sign up in advance! Send an e-mail to seminar06 [[ at ]]


Malleable Mobile Music / Atau Tanaka, SONY CSL Paris

  • Atau Tanaka is an artist/musician working at Sony research laboratory in Paris, France. Atau Tanaka will give his view about the challenges and possibilities the mobile devices offer for artists. Atau will also present his own research projects (Malleable Mobile Music etc).

Mobile Virtual Worlds

  • Sampo Karjalainen from Sulake will talk about mobile virtual worlds, also including the mobile version of Habbo Hotel which is currently under development.

Locative media workshop 2006

  • Locative media workshop will bring together an international group of 10-15 artists/reseachers to explore locative media in the context of Helsinki Railwaystation.


  • Richard Widerberg & Zeenath Hasan (UIAH media lab) present a research project about collective improvisation, where the participants are collecting urban sounds using mobile phones.


  • Sue Costabile (US) and AGF (Antye Greie, GER) are challenging the conventional ways to use the dvd format with their MiniMovies dvd. Sue and Antye will present their idea of how to expand the MiniMovies concept into mobile medium.

Pocket Shorts / BlueVend

  • Pocket Shorts gives early career filmmakers the opportunity to make original content for mobile phones. BlueVend is a bluetooth vending machine for short films. Presented by Lisa Roberts (UK) and Daniel Blackburn (UK).


  • Tilanteita/Situations consists of a series of participatory mobile experiments involving families in mms based communication. Syntymiä/Births provided two public spaces for families wanting to announce the birth of their child.
  • Heidi Tikka is currently a researcher in the Finnish Academy and Arts Council funded research project USED (Urban Spaces and Experience Design), hosted by HIIT and m-cult. Her other work includes a series of internationally shown interactive video installations.


Participants of the seminar will receive an all-access Pixelache 2006 festival pass. Pixelache festival provides a context for continuing the discussions started at the seminar in a more informal setting. Locative/mobile projects will be presented in the following events:

Thursday 30 March, 7-12 pm, Koko-teatteri

  • Introduced by Andrew Paterson (HIIT / UIAH Media lab), Ben Russell (, UK), Angela Piccini (University of Bristol, UK), Meiju Niskala (Turku Theatre Academy / UIAH Media lab, FI), Mari Keski-Korsu (, FI).

Friday 31 March, 6:30-7 pm, Kiasma Theatre

Saturday 1 April, 3-5 pm, Kiasma seminar room

  • Reporting upon workshop engagements, anecdotes and activity stories. Following at 5pm, in West Hall of Railway Station, there will be an improvised sound performance (30 mins) by IMPROVe platform, coordinated by Richard Widerberg (UIAH Media lab).


Mobile arts and experiments seminar is targeted for artists, academic researchers and professionals working in the field of new media/technology. The participation fee for the seminar is 250 € for one person. The participants also receive an all-access festival pass for Pixelache 2006 Helsinki.

For more information, please contact:
Juha Huuskonen / +358 40 570 96 17
seminar06 [[at]],

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in taking part in this seminar, there is only a limited amount of places available!


Mobile arts & experiments seminar is made possible with the support ofNokia Connect to Art and Sulake.

Mobile arts & experiments seminar and Pixelache Festival 2006 are organised by non-profit organisation Piknik Frequency ry in collaboration with Kiasma Theatre.