Another Story

In 2019 I started to think about the Pixelache 20th Anniversary approaching in 2022. During the years we had several survays and reviews of our activities but they were exclusively made by Pixelache members. I thought it would be interesting to take the chance of the anniversary and invite a person who is not familiar with the organisation to delve into Pixelache online archive and write an article. I have been observing the work of curator Kisito Assangni since 2018, and as a first step of Another Story project, I invited him to research our archive and formulate his findings. He wrote a review article analysing the 20 years activity of Pixelache, higlighting themes and concepts that he found relevant in the global discourse about media art. His article was published on Art Dependence magazine under the title "Disentangling Archives - How We Are Entering a New Era: The Case of Pixelache Helsinki". Assangni underlines that during the years Pixelache has become more porous to the inclusion of art disciplines not strictly related to coding and digital media, therefore contributing to widen the definition and the perspectives ofered by media art:

"Human relation to body is essential in developing human relation to nature, physicality, using diverse senses, proprioception or articulation of body movement and its gesturing, consciousness presence in the now moment (Fićović, 2016). The organic-body tool, using proprioception sense, can ground the virtual reality, and occupy the mind, influencing on cleansing the digital – pollution or, digital social toxicities, that in fact represents a digital colonization of human brain today.

(Note of the Author: Digital colonization of the human brain, which is functioning as an analog organ and it could be described as an electromagnetic oscillator, can be remediated and cleaned through free body movement, body movement that is essential for our mind – body harmony rises consciousness over the digital (true or false) illusion. About Heart & Brain Coherence on – How Meditation Can Help You create a new reality for your life, see Dr Joe Dispenza, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon, Carlsbad, California: Hay House Inc., 2017."

Kisito also realised a video-statement describing his research process and his method when approaching and studying the archive. The video was installed at the foyer of Kiasma theatre during the seminar celebrating Pixelache 20th Anniversary - Contacts, curated by Soko Hwang, Irina Mutt, and Andrew Gryf Paterson.

Thanks to the collaboration with Kisito Assangni 

I have been observing the work of curator Kisito Assangni since 2018, and I invited him to research our arcvhive and formulate his findings. His article is in process and it will be made available in October 2022.