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Catherine Lenoble (FR) is our first Learner-in-Residence!

Pixelache launches a new series of micro-residencies, consisting of ‘Leaner-in-residence' positions. We offer 4 ‘Learner-in-Residence’ positions in 2012 to invited professionals of Pixelache’s extended network. These one week micro-residencies in Helsinki are not oriented towards new productions but towards the exchange of knowledge between Pixelache and these individuals, and towards supporting current developments and changes in our organisation(s).

During 19-26.2, we have the pleasure to welcome Catherine Lenoble (FR), our first Learner-in-Residence.

Catherine will give a presentation entitled 'Hack for Culture' on Tuesday 21.2 during 18.00-20.00 at Pixelache office. On this occasion, she will share with us her experience of informal learning within the field of art & technology, based on the LABtoLAB experiment. LABtoLAB is a nomadic university project, exploring the role of the lab as a space for collaborative learning and knowledge exchange. A documentary film of the process will also be screened as part of her presentation

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