Mathilde Palenius

Board member | Years as member: 2020, 2021, 2022


French-Finnish artistic producer and projects coordinator based in Helsinki.

Graduated in 2021 from a Master's degree in European and international cultural and artistic projects coordination.
I have been working on various projects as producer and coordinator with Pixelache association, Bioart Society or Myymälä 2 gallery.

I am currently Pixelache board member, treasurer, and active member. 

Picture: Pixelache festival 2022, credits Antti Ahonen

Open to contacts and exchanges with foreign and local artists and cultural/artistic multidisciplinary associations.

Latest posts by Mathilde Palenius:

17 March 2023 12:38
Assistant producer for Pixelache 2023 artistic programme in Helsinki mid-April - mid-September 2023(6 months), part-time Pixelache association is looking foran intern to take part in a 6-month work try-out (through TE-palvelut) as assistant producer. You will be working side-by-side with the...
03 September 2021 15:21
Photo: Maikki Kantola Festival graphics: Wojtek Mejor, Evdokia Asseeva *Due to covid-19 restrictions, the event is accessible to a limited number of persons, register at the bottom of the eventpage:* In The Rain Theatre, the...
29 September 2020 11:49
Well, it might not sound as appealing as a summer in the Caraibes but it is an experience I would be pleased to let you know more about... As a French student in my first year of Master's degree in Management of European and Internationalcultural projects, a three months internship was mandatory...
15 July 2020 16:29
Dear Diary, Day four of our festival, at the far end of the Helsinki metro station in Kontula,Jan L├╝tjohan continues to work with his merry troupe ofcarpenters as part of Working with hands in a post-industrial society at The Museum of Impossible Forms. While we lack documentation from the second...
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