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Upcoming Commons events in Helsinki: Mapping workshop 24.10. & Seminar with Charlotte Hess 7.11.
The co-p2p Special-interest-group at Aalto ARTS, led by Andrea Botero, Johanna Saad-Sulonen and Sanna Marttila, are organising 2 upcoming events on the Commons in Helsinki at Aalto Media Factory, which we recommend for your participation & attendence.

The first occasion this week on Thursday 24.10 from 09:30 -12:30 as a mapping workshop aims to ask - What forms of commons and commoning are present today in a city like Helsinki? - inviting other commons oriented practitioners and researchers here to join us in mapping existing and emerging commons in Helsinki: spaces, data, actions and tools. more info and show your interest via Facebook event.

The larger occasion is a full day seminar on Thursday 7.11. from 09.00-16.00 entitled 'Infrastructuring the Commons?', and aims at inquiring on the relationship of the current discourse on the commons, to emerging art, design and planning practices; specifically those engaged actively with collaborative digital media.

The group have invited renowned Commons scholar and archivist Charlotte Hess from Indiana University to give the opening keynote 'Crafting New Commons: Designing for Collaboration, Participation, and Sustainability'. More about seminar and opportunity to take part, by making a presentation in the parallel sessions (NB: Sign up by 25.10.!). Related Facebook event.

Co-p2p Special-interest-group aims to address in particular the relevance of “the commons” as a framework to expand our understanding of emerging considerations for the design, provision and maintenance of public services and urban space. Read more here: http://co-p2p.mlog.taik.fi/

Funding to organize the seminar has been partly granted by Aalto University Service Factory.