Scott Goodstein - CEO of Revolution Messaging / External Online Director for Obama for America campaign
We are happy to confirm one last minute addition to Pixelache09 programme - Scott Goodstein (US) will give a presentation in Pixelache Open Forum on Saturday 4 April, 14:00.


Scott Goodstein (photo: Arun Chaudhary)

Scott Goodstein was External Online Director for Obama for America, and created the campaign’s social networking strategy. His pioneering work included running the first political campaign to launch niche based social networks on BlackPlanet, Eons, MiGente, AsianAve, Disaboom, etc. Under his leadership, the campaign achieved over two million friends on Facebook, one million friends on MySpace, 500,000 friends on BlackPlanet, and over 100,000 friends on Twitter.  Goodstein also developed the campaign's lifestyle marketing strategy and "street team" materials used in battleground states.

Goodstein created and implemented Obama Mobile, an advanced communication strategy that included text messaging, downloads, interactive voice response communication, a mobile web site (WAP), and even an iPhone application.  Prior to his work at Obama for America, Goodstein was founder of Catalyst Campaigns, a public relations firm that specialized in lifestyle marketing and online organizing. In 2004, Goodstein co-founded Punkvoter.com & Rock Against Bush and evolved these organizations into becoming a $4 million young voter mobilization effort. Goodstein lives in Washington, DC where he runs Revolution Messaging, a firm that specializes in social networking and mobile messaging.

Scott Goodstein is visiting Helsinki as a guest of My Helsinki project.