Sara Milazzo joins Koelse during Outdoor Electronics Lab

As part of the learning process in Pixelversity, Koelse made an open call for an apprentice (kisälli a.k.a. oppipoika/tyttö) to join the Kuebiko Outdoor Electronic Lab, that took place during the recent weekend at Kemiönsaari/Kimitoön, South-west Finland. Sara Milazzo was selected by Koesle from this open call, and joined the gathering. The following text offers some further insights.

According to Sara, she actually first got to know Koesle in Rovaniemi (Sarjassamme Vapauttavia tapahtumia, 2009) when she had invited them to make workshop in her school. They had kept in touch since, with Sara visiting their workshop occasionally in Helsinki, sometimes for partying, and more recently needing some advice and help for individual projects.

Sara doesn't see the nomination or role of 'Kisälliä' as something very official, but more as an opportunity to spend the weekend together. However, call was attractive: She explains that at the moment she would rather learn outside of the formal education system, for one can do it (learn) on one's own terms, and own rules.

Koelse chose Sara knowing that she already had a commitment of working with trash, and wished to help give more skills (although Sara wishes also to give something to Koelse in return).

Both parties (Sara & Koelse) are not sure yet if the nomination of 'Kisälliä' will change anything, as they have been in touch over the years. In the context of Pixelversity they are experimenting with pedagogical ways of doing things. Indeed, this is most likely to be fruitful: Sara loves to be a guinea pig in such things. Wish them all the best!



Taiteilijan julkilausuma / Artist Statement *

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Sara Milazzolle uusi, kokeellinen lähestymistapa johonkin tuttuun sekä lopputuloksen ennalta-arvaamattomuus ovat luonteenomaisia tapoja tehdä taidetta. Itse asiassa tekeminen on hänelle polku, ja varsinainen päämäärä on polulla kulkeminen. Milazzo sanoo, että elämme roskan keskellä. Niinpä hänen teoksensa ovat syntyneet tämän oivalluksen innoittamina, ja viisi viimeisintä vuotta taiteilija on toiminut ensisijaisesti kierrätystaiteen parissa.

Milazzon teokset ovat niin jäte-elektroniikkaveistoksia ja muovikollaaseja kuin kollaasimaisia maalauksiakin. Taiteiija näkee
roskan ja käyttökelpoisen välillä olevan eron syntyvän useimmiten vain kontekstista. Lialla on symbolinen merkitys. Paikatut tai kierrätetyt vaatteet tulkitaan usein köyhyydeksi, välinpitämättömyydeksi; so. symboliseksi liaksi. Toisaalta koko ajan yritetään piilottaa todellista saastaa ja sulkea silmät siltä, mikä todella on roskaa. Elintarvikkeita kemikalisoidaan ja pakataan moninkertaisiin muovipakkauksiin, ja koirankakat puistoissa viedään muovipusseissa kaatopaikalle.

Sara Milazzo sanoo, että todellinen pommi muhii jossain näkymättömässä. Tuuli tuo vain joskus mukanaan hennon tikityksen.


For Sara Milazzo, new, experimental ways of approaching creation, in which the result is commonly unpredictable, is a natural way of making art. In fact, her process is a path, and her main destination is following that path. Milazzo says that we live in the middle of garbage. And so her work is born out of this inspirational insight: for the last five years the artist has primarily worked with recycled

Milazzo’s work is as much electronic waste based sculpture and plastic collage, as it is collage-like painting. The artist often sees the gap between garbage and reusable discharge as merely a question of the right context. Dirt has a symbolic meaning. Patched or recycled clothing is often interpreted as something squalid or from the poor; a symbol of filth. On the other-hand, we are preoccupied with hiding the real pollution and keep our eyes averted to what really is garbage. We chemically treat products and wrap them up in plastic packaging, and dog poo is carried in plastic bags from the park to the dump.

Sara Milazzo says that the real bomb is brewing somewhere just out of sight. And only sometimes does the wind carry a faint ticking.

For more information about Sara Milazzo's works, contact her directly: pajazzo [-at-] gmail.com

* Copied from Live Herring 2011 Exhibition artist statement.