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RIXC hosts 'Techno-ecologies' 13th Art+Communication Festival, Riga

'Techno-Ecologies' is the theme of this year's Art+Communication festival in Riga, Lavia, that explores how we inhabit the deep technological spheres of our everyday life.

From Friday-Saturday 4-5th November a conference will facilitate a discussion between artists, theorists, designers, environmental scientists, technologists, responsible entrepreneurs and activists to develop this perspective. Diversity, social and ecological sustainability, and a much deeper understanding of technology as an extension of our desires are the building blocks that we want to bring together to build a perspective that can help us chart less hazardous routes into the future than the ones currently travelled.

There is an accompanying exhibition is curated by Raitis Smits and Rasa Smite in collaboration with Eric Kluitenberg. It will take place from 4th November to 11th December in the Contemporary Art Center kim? at Spikeri Quartier in Riga, featuring 14 media artworks and innovative design objects by various artists. If you are visiting Latvia during that period, we recommend you take some time to visit.

The event is organised by RIXC Centre for New Media Culture. Image credit: Ingo Gunter, Worldprocessor.