Some photographic evidence from a couple of interesting Transmediale fringe events...


"33/99 RECORDS is a temporary, instant and one-of-a-kind record label dedicated to the art of vinyl-cutting. During 11 days alongside Club Transmediale, nine 7" records will be cut each day with different artists from the program and visitors to the studio."


Micronations Travelling Agency


The photos above are from a Micronations tour around Berlin which took place on Sunday 5 Feb. Micronations is a project dealing with self-made nations.

1. The NSK anthem
2. Arriving at Volksb├╝hne which was occupied by NSK for 3 days during 1993
3. The NSK sign inside Volksb├╝hne
4. Drinking champagne for the memory of Berlin Wall (which used to belong to Elgaland & Vargaland, they claim their territory to contain all the in-between areas between nations)
5. Claiming new space - establishing Sabotageplatz in Kreutzberg (for State of Sabotage)
6. Sabotageplatz
7. Visit to the Embassy of the first Transnational Republic
8. Transnational Republic currency payola
9. Micronations 2007 will be held on the Island of Brioni which used to be the summer vacation place for Tito

* * *

There will also be a Micronations presentation as part of Mal au Pixel Paris this spring!