Container Last year pixelache festival started using a new venue, an exhibition container located on the Kiasma square in front of the museum. Container is the kind of middle ground between activities inside the museun and those happening in the cityscape. This year the container will be used for the Art and sustainability program-section. Container will be filled with a self-sustainable party, when Association of experinmental electronics, MIM-project and participants of the Pixelache art and sustainability workshop start building their set there. Work is titled "Self sufficient party container, and it is an attempt to build an interactive sound and light piece that do not consume outside energy.  All electricity needed is either produced or harvested on site. Timetable: Container will be operational from wed 24.3 19.00 till su 28.3 17.00 We will have some special partyslots on: wed 19-20 thu 19-20 sat 19-20 On other times feel free to party around the container yourself.