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The Doggs Imaginary mid-1960s British rock band, supposedly noted for barking while playing music.
whoa! Ridley Scott's "The Martian" already today on IMAX screen in Tallinn
RT @mikko: Take 40 minutes and listen to the ★great★ @Radiolab story of getting infected by ransomware:…
good: Finnish Protester Who Wore Klan-Style Robe Is Arrested. stupid: charged with "desecrating the Finnish flag"
Maker -kulttuuri rantautumassa suomeen - IS: Lakanan ja kartongin osto paljasti Lahden KKK-miehen
RT @BoingBoing: Animals have decided they hate drones AND THEY'RE GOING TO TAKE THEM DOWN!
I was instructed to take this cat to a crossroad near Dockery Plantation at midnight
NYTimes: Nationalists in Finland Hurl Rocks at Iraqis Seeking Asylum
PETA Sues Photographer on Monkey’s Behalf to Give Monkey Copyright
Kuvassa näkyvät paljaat rinnat eivät ole aidot vaan osa esiintymisasua.
From atheist pov its weird to see the Pope making more sense on this topic than many finnish top politicians
Skype issues? Try this instead. No login or download necessary
RT @HelicamServices: Kamera lentää Suomenlinnan yllä. fixed link. #arrialexa #helicam #yle
The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained
RT @doctorow: Arab-looking man of Syrian descent found in garage building what looks like a bomb…
x5r - 4K Raw capture camera for DJI Inspire 1 with possibility to use Leica/panasonic f.1.7 lens
RT @luuptv: If you're into #drumnbase, then you need to check out our @djmuffler soundpack right away! #luup
How the mysterious dark net is going mainstream
Social Decay: How Tweets Can Predict The Death Of An App
Olisko kellään myydä toista lippua klo 20:30 avaruuseikkailu 2001:een?
RT @luuptv: Congrats to our #winners Eeli and Satu! You won an iPhone 6 with your series of luups! #luup http://t.c…
I'm listening to Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks from @audible_com on my #iPhone.