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voiko vegaani syödä oman istukan?
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RT @HelicamServices: Finnish elokuva-moguls huomio! Kuinka saada elokuvalle puoli miljoonaa katsojaa Suomessa:
Small edit of last summers Iceland roadtrip as seen thru Inspire 1
Top 50 most popular non-fiction podcasts in 2015
Why so many gamers are such dicks…. SXSW Cancels Gamer Panels After Threats
RT @HelicamServices: Here is a list of feature films we have been working in lately #helicam #red #arri #alexa #aerialcinematogaphy https:/…
RT @doctorow: 70% of CEOs' effect on company performance can be attributed to random chance
RT @xeni: The next season of @Mythbusters will be the last.
RT @luuptv: So happy to work with @Rovio on the @AngryBirds sound pack! Get it FREE and shoot your birds inspired Luups NOW! #startup #coll…
The Social-Network Illusion that something is common when it is actually rare.
Suomi on ihan friikki maa – Afrikassa on normaalia
Onko kuulolla joku Kavin klubilainen jolta vois pyytää jeesiä Paluu Tulevaisuuteen I Orionin lippujen kanssa? Vaiva palkitaan
RT @HelicamServices: Helicam: Aerial showreel 2015. Flying Arri Alexa Mini and Red Epic Dragon and #helicam #arri …
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I decided to get to the bottom of this 6€ pizza question and start from the original source
The world’s largest natural sound archive just went up online
The world’s largest natural sound archive just went up online
Court tells millionaire yoga troll Bikram Choudhury that poses can't be copyrighted
Woody Allen Turns to Digital Camera for Next Movie via @Variety
Cinematographers Aren't There To Shoot Amazing Images: An Interview With Roger Deakins
RT @kallekinnunen: Illan #docventures -dokkari Going Clear kertoo hyvin asiallisesti täysin pähkähulluja totuuksia skientologiasta. http://…
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Pro tip: Collect months worth of missing receipts from car, office, bags and home to one medium sized box. Loose the box = profit.