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#LivingChatter Pekko: UKON is an advocacy group for utopian ideas
#LivingChatter Mia: paradigm shift. Let us all talk as us not as I.
#LivingChatter Could a Helsinki app help organise gatherings? Digitally rebootl talkoots!
#LivingChatter Joonas: what would a Helsinki app that starts with citizen participation do?
#LivingChatter Facebook is not a zerosum game. We use more than 1 bar, we socialise in more than 1 network. We build to attract peers.
#LivingChatter Frederico: we are sold algorhthms that drive sociality in 1 direction. Joonas: we need new funding models for tech we need
#LivingChatter Keynote leading into discussion of dividuality & social networks. Roll on @pixelache !
#LivingChatter is starting in 10 minutes. The team is already assembling at @ArcadaUAS. The thinking is about to start. Yay @pixelache!
#LivingChatter will be starting in 50 minutes. 10 people creating #UnexpectedHope in 1 day at @ArcadaUAS as part of @pixelache festival!
RT @MaxCRoser: Batman on how to fight crime..
Ambient Learning & Self Authorship! Anyone who still wishes to see my thesis defence from Friday will find it here:
World's oldest message in a bottle just found: A British scientific experiment from 1904 - 1906
My Doctoral Defence. You might, perhaps, find this interesting!
fall has arrived on Mars! Today's low is -63.0C and its expected high is -12.0C. The Curiosity Rover just told me this :)
According to Feedly… Rolf Harris. You might, perhaps, find this interesting!
@TimOliverAU iComics has just become my favourite comic viewer. Its so light and works so well with all the iOS8 goodness :)
The Power of Habit Summary -
@iA the right one, followed by the left one. Both beat the standard menu IMO
Not much fun publishing books in Belarus, it would appear: Of course, you could help #SaveLohvinau
A mobile workflow for Wordpress that works fully - including giving images sensible names before uploading!
We live in an industrialized society where we’re each encouraged to chose a career and
I just pre-ordered @petewylie: New LP "Pete Sounds" from @pledgemusic Can't wait!
@tmssji i am back at Arcada on Thursday. You will be mature by lunchtime :)
@cloudmagic You should blog about saving mail as Pocket Informant tasks in iOS8. Its a great & powerful feature for me - & @webis_mobile :)
The first Ello limited edition designer tee shirts are now go. Crowd funding by the side door :) ...
An essay entitled "Who Drives The Car?" for a conference at Arcada about how we make knowledge: Laughter guaranteed.
Is the Guardian the 1st news org to develop the concept of "membership"? Probably the 1st to build a space for them!
RT @adamkotsko: A rough guide to your privilege level: does anger make people take your views more seriously, or less?