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RT @HadleyFreeman: Philippe Starck, keeping it real in the Evening Standard
We will never be able to free Mickey: The mouse is in prison forever!
RT @blambot: Yeah, it’s time for this lesson again… #comicbook #lettering #basics
RT @Prof_Hinkley: You never really forget how to misquote sayings. It's like buying a bicycle
winter has arrived on Mars! Today's low is -85.0C and its expected high is -24.0C. The Curiosity Rover just told me this :)
RT @petewylie: Live Aid: The Terrible Truth | SPIN
RT @mbauwens: Against the Internet-Centric Totalizing Anti-Hierarchy and Anti-Centralization Ideology
RT @BryanAlexander: Very depressing comments from a Pirate Bay founder about the state of the internet:
@AccessSpace @_Jo_Mo I can’t wait till the actual robot fashion show. I want to be there!
Sometimes Seth Godin says it exactly: #BlackFriday #ConsumerSpending
RT @14prinsp: Absolutely. Networks not only include but also exclude. Not everyone connected, but everyone affected (Castells)…
@djuptho sadly not. I am on my way to talk in Sheffield. What are you pitching at #Slush2015 or are you just passing through?
Mx since 1977. has a word for gender-neutral via @timesofindia
Space age hair problems courtesy of @doctorow who knows a historical document when he sees one!
@webis_mobile Agreed. Impossible to comment without sketch :) Currently tho only Clear theme works for me, everything else is VERY Visible!
Open-sourced food production – the future of urban diets?
RT @GeorgeMonbiot: This remarkable leaked letter shows that David Cameron hasn't a clue about the impact of his cuts. My column: https://t.…
@webis_mobile The UI should be almost invisible. Light all the way please, unless the UI is so unusual that I can’t imagine it :)
Skyping with @freddbomba and @Pejolala about a possible Formatorio in September 2016.
@petewylie I did what I said: I ordered the cd as well as the download, so now I've got 2 things to wait for - and both well worth it :)
So I connected Twitter to Tsu, posted a 138 word update, and it didn't appear in Twitter. What did I do wrong?
Using @SlackHQ in some projects but @zoho Connect has some GREAT things going for it, eg a wiki. Experimenting with it in house. Liking it!
Hello World of Twitter. I am on Tsu now as well. Thinks: I must look at Ello again soon. So many social net...
Ted Nelson gives a riotous keynote speech about information architecture, about which he is, erm, ambivalent.
Jani Leinonen vs Kelloggs: the story of Tony the Tiger helping the world with sweetness, and Kelloggs not liking it!
RT @Philszone: Can't beat this deal! Download 448 Free Art Books from The Metropolitan Museum of Art via @openculture
RT @nytimesworld: Nobel Prize-winning author, Svetlana Alexievich, sees politics through lens of mistrust http://t.c…