Recycling Olympic Games

Recycling Olympic Games (ROG) is an alternative sports event that is focused on creative waste-reuse, where international teams compete for the title of “Upcycling Champion of the Gulf of Finland" and a trophy. The Games will be held over a week in early May - 6.-12.5. - consisting of a variety of tasks each team will compete to be 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. The teams will be arranged to represent a country or region (Team Suomi, Team Eesti, and possibly some international teams - depending on recruitment).

Competition events will challenge the teams with a variety of tasks from building dwellings, to cooking, to fashion with the constraint of no budget, aside from some basic devices for connecting materials. For one week competitors will live, sleep and eat re-purposing the detritus of Helsinki. Each team, with the exception of Team Suomi, will have the assistance of one local who will help teams with language, geography and sourcing materials.

Some of us recycle for financial sustainability, others for convenience and still more for ecological ideals but for whatever the reason, we can improve on our practices through the competitive, peer-learning environment created for ROG. Individuals sign up allegience or register a 3-person team, only those who are willing to commit completely--i.e. consistently between May 06 - 12, 2013--by contacting rog [-at-]

The Recycling Olympic Games are initiated by members of Culture Factory Polymer, Tallinn, and is part of Pixelversity 2013 programme’s Waste/d theme; while the award ceremony and a presentation on the games takes place on the 16th of May at EestiMaja (Suvilahti) as part of Pixelache Festival.