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Talking Trash(lab): Light is History by Karthikeya Acharya & Samir Bhowmik 13.12.

In this concluding lecture of the Talking Trash(lab) lecture series this Thursday 13.12. at 17.30, Karthikeya and Samir will be sharing their story of their recently completed Light is History project at Hakaniementori. Venue for lecture is, as previously, at Aalto Media Factory.

The project engaged with sixteen families in and around the Kallio neighborhood. In this process it asked them to share their daily energy use information through an online portal and then also documented accounts of the participants of a relationship with an electrical artifact from their home. Using this material and old electrical meters from the trash Samir and Karthikeya made a community based bright light therapy installation and put it up for over a week at Hakaniemi, as a research object and also as a community energy art space.

Welcome to the final lecture this year of the Talking Trash(lab) project! See related Facebook event.