Projects and collaborations
In addition to organising the annual Pixelache festival, we are involved in a number of different projects and collaborations - artist residencies, productions of new artworks, international collaborations, etc.


Open Data Cooking Workshop

Have you ever tried to imagine how a fish soup tastes whose recipe is based on publicly available local fishing data? Or what a pizza would be like if it was based on Helsinki’s population mix? Do you want to know how data could relate to cooking? Can you imagine to push the paradigms of data representation to the extreme by applying the principles of your local cuisine? More info


Christian Nold / Project in Suomenlinna

PIXELACHE PRODUCTION RESIDENCY PROJECT 2011-2012 In the context of the map me if you will programme of Pixelache Helsinki 2011, Christian Nold (UK) has been invited to realise a new artwork in Helsinki during 2011-2012. The project is called 'Suomenlinna Money Lab'  and it explores the island as a place of social, cultural and economic contact and exchange. The concept is to focus on 'local money' as a social medium for people and a localised object that shapes and represents a geographical place. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2004, Nold has led many large-scale participatory mapping projects. In particular Christian’s “Bio Mapping” project has been staged in sixteen different countries with more than 1500 workshop participants. For the last six years, Nold has been developing an extensive tool-kit of technologies that blend together human and non-human sensors for local governance. Christian Nold is a specialist in creation of participatory platforms that bring people together around unique methodologies of interaction that allow new relationships between people to occur. More information

Pixelache Helsinki @ DMY Berlin MakerLab

DMY Berlin 2011 design festival takes place at Berlin Tempelhof Airport, 1-5 June. Pixelache Helsinki will present two projects in this year’s DMY MakerLab: OHANDA open source hardware initiative and Temporary photoElectric Digestopians [TpED] Worklab by Bartaku / FoAM. >> More information


Pixelache Software(s) of the Year 2010

Pixelache Software of the Year 2010 title was awarded to APODIO by APO33 and Puredyne by GOTO10. APODIO and Puredyne are ‘live CD’ projects – distribution versions of Gnu/Linux operating system, which boot on any PC laptop or desktop, including the intel-based Mac and x86 netbooks. These distributions are dedicated to creative multimedia tools for audio/video processing and real-time performance and aims to provide a full set of tools for the average media artists needs. >> More information

Herbologies & Foraging Networks

The Herbologies/Foraging Networks programme of events, focused in Helsinki (Finland) and Kurzeme region of Latvia, explores the cultural traditions and knowledge of herbs, edible and medicinal plants, within the contemporary context of online networks, open information-sharing, biological and hydroponic technologies. >> More information

Art & Energy

Pixelache and Helsingin Energia are collaborating to produce artworks related to collective energy consumption in Helsinki area. The artworks will be located in public space in Helsinki and/or presented as online projects. From an open call in autumn 2009, two artworks were selected for realisation during 2010/2011: Power Flower by Andy Best and Energy Beam by Miska Knapek. >> More information

Megaphonebooth Helsinki

PIXELACHE PRODUCTION RESIDENCY PROJECT 2009-2010 Megaphonebooth Helsinki is a coin-operated megaphone to be located in a public space somewhere in Helsinki. To use the megaphone you just have to insert one euro per minute, speak into the attached handset and have your voice instantly amplified and projected into the local soundscape. Megaphonebooth is a project by Unsworn Industries (Erik Sandelin & Magnus Torstensson / SE), an interaction design and innovation studio based in Malmö, Sweden. >> More information

Pixelache @ ISEA2010 RUHR

A special Pixelache Feature was presented at ISEA2010 RUHR. It consisted of projects which explore our relationship with nature (Herbologies/Foraging Networks initiative + Terike Haapoja’s installations) and a consumer electronics hacking workshop by Koelse / Association of Experimental Electronics. >> More information


Expedition to Total Eclipse

PIXELACHE PRODUCTION RESIDENCY PROJECT 2008-2009 “Expedition to the Total Eclipse” is an exhibition aboutcross-disciplinary expedition to the zone of the total solar eclipse in Siberia, in August 2008. It premiereD artworks created during the expedition, by Agnes-Meyer Brandis (DE), Mireia C. Saladrigues (ES) and Tommi Taipale (FI). The exhibition was show in Kiasma Mediatheque between March 6 - June 7. This project was initiated and curated by Ulla Taipale from Capsula. The aim of Capsula is to experience and explore natural phenomena through artistic investigation and to facilitate collaborations between artists and scientists. Capsula also sets out to revive leisurely and ecological traveling experiences. >> More information