Camp Pixelache 2011: temporary lab/exhibition
Photo: Suomenlinna island during winter THE OPEN CALL HAS NOW CLOSED! - - - - - This is an open call is for artworks and other projects to be presented at Camp Pixelache 2011 lab/exhibition in several venues on Suomenlinna island during two days (Saturday 12 March - Sunday 13 March). The deadline for proposals is Friday 14 January 2011 (at MIDNIGHT CET / Central European Time). Suomenlinna island is located 15 min ferry ride away from central Helsinki. Suomenlinna will be the main venue for all Pixelache Helsinki 2011 activities. - - - - - The Camp Pixelache exhibition does not have a pre-defined theme. You can either propose a work that is related to curated Pixelache 2011 programme sections (map me if you will, Computational Photography, Groworld Bazaar) or a project that you think would be otherwise interesting for Pixelache audience. You can propose to show an artwork or an experimental design or research project - these don't have to be finalized but can be also presented as prototypes and sketches. You can also propose to have a booth that people visit during two days, or a non-stop workshop that people can participate in for a short duration. Pixelache can only provide space and basic technical assistance for setting up the projects. The participants should provide all the necessary material and technology themselves, as well as take care of all related costs and arrangements (travel, accommodation, transportation, etc). All Camp Pixelache exhibition participants will receive a free Pixelache 2011 festival pass. You can also participate in Camp Pixelache by giving a presentation, more instructions about how to propose topics for presentations/discussions will be published in near future (latest in January 2011). To get a better idea of what Camp Pixelache is about, please take a look at wiki pages of Camp Pixelache 2010 or contact Pixelache office if you have any questions. - - - - - Instructions for filling in the application form: Description: A short description of your project. Please also provide following information: 1. Project credits, 2. Project presenters (persons who would participate Pixelache Helsinki 2011), 3. Technical requirements. Attachments: Unfortunately our online registration system does not allow you to include attachment files. All additional attachments (project descriptions, CVs, etc) should be made available online and the address(es) from which they can be downloaded can be listed in this field. Keywords: Please mention if some of the Pixelache Helsinki 2011 programme sections are relevant for your proposal (Map me if you will, Computational Photography or Groworld Bazaar). You can also give a list of other keywords that can help us to place your proposal into the right context. - - - - - THE OPEN CALL HAS NOW CLOSED!