The Art of Data Cuisine: The Open Data Cooking Workshop // 15-16 September 2012
Have you ever tried to imagine how a fish soup tastes whose recipe is based on publicly available local fishing data? Or what a pizza would be like if it was based on Helsinki’s population mix? Do you want to know how data could relate to cooking? Can you imagine to push the paradigms of data representation to the extreme by applying the principles of your local cuisine? The Open Data Cooking Workshop is an experimental research on the representation of data with culinary means. The workshop researches ways to represent local data through the inherent qualities of food such as color, form, texture, smell, taste, nutrition, origin etc. It offers to its participants the opportunity to translate data in concrete, sensually experienceable matter, from the language of numbers into the language of food, and thus to gain unexpected insights into both media and learn about their inner constructions and relations. The workshop is a collaborative research experience, blurring the boundaries between teachers and participants, data and food. At its end, an open data menu be created and publicly tasted. The workshop will be documented in the form of a cookbook that will be made available online. The workshop is produced by Pixelache and organised by prozessagenten in collaboration with Moritz Stefaner, and Miska Knapek and chef Antti Nurkka. The workshop takes place in connection with OKfestival. The workshop is kindly supported by Goethe Institute and the Unkari kulttuuri- ja tiedekeskus. Partner venues are Aromin Keittiö and Media Factory.


Saturday 15.9, 10 - 7 pm, Open Data Cooking workshop @ Aalto University Media Factory, Hämeentie 135 C. Sunday 16.9, 10 - 5 pm,  Open Data Cooking workshop @ Aromin keittiö, Mäkelänkatu 56, 3. krs. Sunday 16.9, 5 - 6 pm, Public presentation and tasting @ Aromin keittiö, Mäkelänkatu 56, 3. krs.


Pixelache Helsinki, a transdisciplinary platform for experimental art, design, research and activism. OK Festival (17-22.9.2012) combines annual events OGDCamp and OKCon to form the first festival of its kind. Its 2012 theme is Open Knowledge in Action, looking at the value that can be generated by opening up knowledge, the ecosystems of organisations that can benefit from such sharing, and the impacts transparency can have in our societies. prozessagenten is a Berlin based studio that researches and initiates processes by art and design. It was founded in 2011 by Susanne Jaschko. Moritz Stefaner is a well-known information visualizer focusing on information aesthetics and interactive visualization. He holds a B.Sc. in Cognitive Science and an M.A. in Interface Design. Miska Knapek is a Helsinki based artist and information visualizer who has a background in Graphic Design and Interaction Design. He is also co-founder and member of the We Love Open Data group. Antti Nurkka, an experienced culinary designer and hardcore foodie.


If you want to see how facebook friendship networks can be captured in shrimp cocktails or how foreigners spice up Finland, or about Criminal Herring in Fur Coat make sure to check out the results of the Open data Cooking Workshop Helsinki.