.art & energy consumption
Drawing on the positive outcomes of Nuage Vert (Vihreä Pilvi), Helsinki Energy and Pixelache carry on their collaboration in 2010, with the aim to realise one or several artworks related to energy consumption. Following artists were invited to submit a proposal for an artwork: Miska Knapek, Andy Best, Maria Duncker, Unsworn Industries (Erik Sandelin & Magnus Torstensson) and 4um (Karthik Acharya, Arto Tommiska, Elina Alatalo and Jukka Hautamäki). The final selection will be made during autumn 2009. >> ARTISTS' PROPOSALS PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK ON THIS PAGE REGARDING THE PROPOSED ARTWORKS! The proposals are still preliminary and we would be happy to hear comments from artists, designers, energy consumption experts, citizens of Helsinki and anyone who is interested in the artworks. Please let us know which artwork you would like to see realised!