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RT @nytimesbooks: Oliver Sacks dies at 82; neurologist and author explored the brain’s quirks:
RT @rockorigins: Stanley Kubrick, holding a Bolex film camera, waiting for the rain to stop on shooting A Clockwork Orange…
2015 jengi on huolissaan lasten kiroilusta
"I stand for our generation and our generation is gonna be riding hover boards so if you don't like it eat a dick!" Is eating dick bad now?
Too fast to romance, too slow to tinder
RT @andrewickstroem: Jos mä nyt ymmärrän oikein niin jos Suomeen syttyisi sota niin muu maailma sais vaan auttaa suomalaisia joilla ei ole …
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Owen Jones had a pint with one of his Twitter trolls
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Who was that mysterious middle-aged bald guy that appeared in like EVERY early ‘80s MTV video? via @DangerMindsBlog
Some seem to feel its odd that refugees coming to Finland have smartphones. wouldn't you take yours with you if had to flee?
RT @NewYorker: How the Roland’s TR-808 drum machine created a new, more potent meaning for the word “drums."
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RT @pixelache: Pixelache Festival 2015: Living Spaces website is up, programme is published! -- see you there!
Recently Single Al Gore Finally Able To Listen To W.A.S.P. Albums via @TheOnion
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