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Insanely muscular monkey spotted in Finland
Alessandro Cortini of NIN: Using a Cassette Recorder as an Instrument | ... via @YouTube
How a Bitcoin Evangelist Made Himself Vanish, in 15 (Not So Easy) Steps - The New York Times
The magical thinking of guys who love logic | The Outline
Fathers bd today. We used to drive a Mercedes-Benz.
Why your memories can't be trusted – video
This little video I made for Kaukolampi turns one year today. Do also listen the whole album that I mixed "Kaukolam…
Please do enjoy my hot new track on Soundcloud - ‘Moment with Glenn in Schöneberg march 2019’ #SoundCloud
BBC News - Death metal music inspires joy not violence
Mournful drone sounds of a repurposed HP test device - CDM Create Digital Music via @cdmblogs
RT @AlastairMcA30: When Twitter’s founder gushes about antivaxxers, you know the platform has no intention whatsoever on cracking down on t…
How Japanese Ambient Music Became a Thing in America via @vulture
”Wellness-musiikki” valtaa tilaa popilta myös Helsingissä – tarjolla on entistä enemmän musiikkia, jossa ei tapahdu…
RT @SiyandaWrites: Idris Elba should just go ahead and do an African James Bond where he spends half the movie applying for visas, being se…
@TJoke Tätä oon miettiny, mutta kun työn puolesta tavannu sekä Volasen ja Korpelan sekä ns. maailmantähtiä, niin ta…
vuodettakoon osaltani tämmöttis vaalisalaisuus
"Sairaalassa ollut kalifornialaismies sai kuulla robotin kautta kuolevansa" - hyvä!
Mansa Musa: The richest man who ever lived - BBC News
“Music was my drug”: Manuel Göttsching on making E2-E4
I wish humans are a bootloader for AI
RT @ScottWamplerBMD: Wanna feel old? My favorite album of all time, NIN's THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL, turns 25 years old today. Happy birthday, TH…
The Modern Trap of Turning Hobbies Into Hustles
mies on hänen mukaansa edelleen usein se, jonka vastuulla enimmäkseen ovat kodin elintaso ja teknillis-mekaaniset ratkaisut
RT @ForeignPolicy: Aro is a prolific Twitter user and was originally chosen for the award because of her investigative work exposing Russia…
IPhone 4 deconstructed to source materials by Studio Drift
Alessandro Cortini's cat and Synthi. Perfect. @blindoldfreak