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I downloaded the new version of @iComicsApp for my iPad. It works perfectly for me and I LOVE IT! It is everything it should be - 5 stars :)
"Tweetbot 4" #webdesign #feedly John Hruber raves about Tweetbot 4 for iOS. FWIW I agree 100% Go buy it now. Really!
plastic juice bottles from the industrial plant sweet taste of machine
@Photoshop 2.0, sometime in early 1992 along with PageMaker 4 (which I had been using since v1.2), on a postcard sized b&w Mac screen :)
@ScrivenerApp Got it & 1.9 works v well. But I want to give you money for 2.0, assuming it has all that nice Mac stuff: when can I do that?
RT @speckyboy: The Rise and Fall of a Multimillion Dollar Flash Marketplace in One Chart
This is well worth a read, whatever your opinion about MOOCs to date. I would be interested in your opinions.
RT @GeorgeMonbiot: Here's my response to some of the below the line commentators on my #Kunduz column today: http://…
@Photoshop has PS Touch been abandoned? Twas the best iOS image app I ever used, and I still use it in pref to Fix, Mix etc. Boo, if it has!
Jimmy Palmiotti is helping make some of the best comics around. Why wouldn’t you want to follow him & his company?
See the official Jaws 19 trailer, made to honour the anniversary of Back To The Future
I was talking with a student today and realised she had organised her work entirely with @trello - and very successfully!
RT @GuyKawasaki: There’s a full-length train ride from Bergen to Oslo, Norway on YouTube [video]…
@Pubgoblin @ordinal That there is my kind of psychiatrist!
RT @ZDNet: Microsoft begins integrating Skype Translator into Skype for Windows desktops @maryjofoley…
RT @yegg: "The problem isn't freedoms or openness but distribution." @BenedictEvans on getting read…
@commie_mami @rivenhomewood I confess I didn’t know this. I do now and I will find out more. Thanks.
RT @dailydot: 'Hamburger Hummus' is an infomercial for Israel in webseries form:
RT @stevesilberman: MT @mims @tcarmody "We replaced our executive chefs with a team of five year olds"
RT @1evilidiot: I used to have imaginary friends, now that I'm all grown up they're theoretical.
RT @GarretKramer: Pure insight. We're getting there. It's never how hard you work. It's the state of mind from which you work.…
RT @drvandanashiva: India has a 90% diff btwn what the farmer gets & what the consumer pays. 90% of food costs are illegitimate profits for…
The new @tweetbot Version 4 is the best Twitter client for the iPad I have ever used. It shows list properly and works properly with iOS9 :)
RT @janeruffino: Today in @sundaybusiness I wrote about selfie backlash, otherwise known as 'misogyny'.…
RT @iA: Maximum size of an efficient team: 6-7. We “increasingly underestimate task completion time as team size grows…”…
Half of all teachers in England threaten to quit as morale crashes
Today I realised that Dr Who, series 9, is on YLE’s Ruutu app in Finland. I just watched episode 1. Missy is a great character. Roll on Mon!
When #PocketInformant 5 arrives I will use it for all my project planning, as well as my tasks & events. I use it 9 times a day or more now!
@neoscenes I mentioned I-and-I at the time & suggested that Rastafarians had already nailed this issue :)