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@aace [Pt 2] its the last day for submissions. What do I do? I already emailed paper to info@aace just to prove it exists :)
@aace I am trying to submit a paper to Global Learn but I get nothing but "Error Occurred" at the login page. Different computers & browsers
@CloudMagic iPad app stopped receiving mail sometime in the last 5 hours. CM Android & Outlook still get it. Is this me or you? What to do?
@iA I thought I tried swiping. Obviously I a clumsy ineffectual swiper. Thanks!
@iA Today’s stupid Q: in iOS iA Writer 3.1 how do I delete a local folder? I can create one but I can’t figure out how to remove it :)
Because history is important. Because the present is a consequence of the past.
RT @damiengwalter: Literally the funniest thing ever.
RT @rdlankes: Thinking a library is about books is like seeing a book as a collection of words and not as an instrument of understanding.
This is the first tweet in a series of 20+ that add up to the most uplifting true story I have read in several hours
RT @HadleyFreeman: Philippe Starck, keeping it real in the Evening Standard
We will never be able to free Mickey: The mouse is in prison forever!
RT @blambot: Yeah, it’s time for this lesson again… #comicbook #lettering #basics
RT @Prof_Hinkley: You never really forget how to misquote sayings. It's like buying a bicycle
winter has arrived on Mars! Today's low is -85.0C and its expected high is -24.0C. The Curiosity Rover just told me this :)
RT @petewylie: Live Aid: The Terrible Truth | SPIN
RT @mbauwens: Against the Internet-Centric Totalizing Anti-Hierarchy and Anti-Centralization Ideology
RT @BryanAlexander: Very depressing comments from a Pirate Bay founder about the state of the internet:
@AccessSpace @_Jo_Mo I can’t wait till the actual robot fashion show. I want to be there!
Sometimes Seth Godin says it exactly: #BlackFriday #ConsumerSpending
RT @14prinsp: Absolutely. Networks not only include but also exclude. Not everyone connected, but everyone affected (Castells)…
@djuptho sadly not. I am on my way to talk in Sheffield. What are you pitching at #Slush2015 or are you just passing through?
Mx since 1977. has a word for gender-neutral via @timesofindia
Space age hair problems courtesy of @doctorow who knows a historical document when he sees one!
@webis_mobile Agreed. Impossible to comment without sketch :) Currently tho only Clear theme works for me, everything else is VERY Visible!
Open-sourced food production – the future of urban diets?