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Robert Henke "It was never so easy to switch from creating music to changing instrument like it is now." #loopberlin
Why Teaching Girls to Code Is Not the (Only) Answer
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Join free Projection Mapping with Raspberry Pi workshop at MakeLightCamp Berlin, Oct 17-18.
Groundbreaking EP! Buy, share and live with it.
School of Machines 4-week program (Nov 2 - 27, Berlin) - data visualisation and storytelling
A Summit for Music Makers LOOP organised by Ableton. 30 Oct – 1 Nov 2015 in Berlin.
The new @SchoolOfMaaa 4-WEEK program FABRICATING EMPATHY, August 31 - September 25 in Berlin.
6-month residency for contemporary women artists from 1st of August in Berlin
I usually don't vote but today I did! Because @career_foundry deserves to be the most successful startup in Germany
@orlaghob you are welcome, I hope you enjoyed your time in Berlin fully! See you next time!
RT @somahol: Today we @SchoolOfMaaa students did our first hands-on projection mapping. Thanks @Irina_Spicaka and @k_rijnieks!…
RT @SchoolOfMaaa: Excited to add @Irina_Spicaka @k_rijnieks to our July Instructors list! @betahaus loves 'em, too! read interview here:htt…
Check out footage from our last CC4AV event in Helsinki (April 7 - 13, 2014)
Raspberry Pi + Pure Data and Raspberry Pi + openFrameworks workshops from April 7 to 13 in Helsinki! Apply now!
An informative article about an innovative project in the Nordic-Baltic region called CatchBox
art+communication 2013 / AUDIOVISUAL PERFORMANCES AND ELECRTONIC MUSIC / welcome to
SAVE US: art+communication 2013 / October 9 - November 1, Riga
MEDIA ART HISTORIES 2013: RENEW / Riga / October 8 – 11
Apply for the Creative Coding for Live Audio and Visuals workshops:, only 4 days left!
Creative Coding for Live Audio and Visuals workshops. Riga, 29.09-5.10. Apply by August 30.
Renew 2013: Registration for Media Art History
Creative Coding for Live Visuals. The Nordic-Baltic open source activity. Publication in