Workshop: A/V Live streaming with Raspberry Pi

In this workshop, participants will learn about the live streaming capabilities of Raspberry Pi, a small pocket sized computer, in combination with available webcams, microphones and mobile technology to create portable devices for live streaming. The participants will learn to create, maintain and modify a mobile live streaming setup to be used in their own activities. These devices could then be used in online radios for live broadcasting, site-specific artistic performances, public lectures and events to reach wider online audience and for direct documentation of events.

Evening 1: Discussion during construction of Raspberry Pi-based A/V Live streaming device components
Evening 2: Discussions and  testing of Raspberry Pi-based A/V Live streaming device components

Note: In this workshop we (Pixelache) will arrange a group order of Raspberry Pi’s for  workshop participants (the ordered package will contain Raspberry Pi, SD card, power adapter/battery, 3g modem(no SIM card), audio dongle, usb hub, webcam) which _is_ included in the workshop participation fee (Pixelache covers 50% of total materials cost). Participants can use their own equipment to reduce the cost of the workshop.

Mikko Laajola (FI) is an artist-gardener and maker based in Helsinki. In the last years he has been organising electronic workshops within the collective Kokomys, and is a member of Piknik Frequency ry (organisers of Pixelache Festival). He interested in open-source practices and exploring open-hardware technologies. Since 2011, Laajola has led Pixelache’s video streaming and archiving, and has last year assisted other organisations such as Finnish Society of Bioart and RIXC in Riga. Laajola has also been actively working with current lo-tech gardening systems, including hydroponics and aquaponics, and hacking household appliances to create more sustainable solutions. He is working towards social change and the development of self-organised education. 

Additional images:

2014 Streaming workshop on Flickr