Re-mixed reality seminar

Part 1: 'New Interfaces for Performance'




The first part of Re-mixed reality seminar will focus on N.I.P. - New Interfaces for Performance and other related projects. N.I.P. is an interdisciplinary touring presentation, network and workshop series. The current focus of N.I.P. is on gesture and movement based interfaces within live performance and interactive, mixed media installation.


Participants of this session include: 

- N.I.P. - New Interfaces for Performance team (UK + PT + NL)

Ville Hyvönen (FI) (host of the Pixelache Video in Theatre seminar)
– Markku Nousiainen (FI) / Helsinki University of Technology / virtual opera project

– Live coding group / Kitchen Budapest (HU)
- Taavet Jansen & Maike Lond (EST)


It is recommended for the participants to go see the N.I.P. performances in Kiasma Theatre on Friday 15 March, 17:30-20:00

Part 2: 'Bumping into (New) Media in Public Space'



Photo: Top-shot helmet by Julius von Bismarck


The second part of Re-mixed reality seminar will focus on Bumping into (New) Media in Public Space, a study project organised by Sari Tervaniemi & Mikko Lipiäinen who are teaching at Tampere University of Applied Sciences / School of Art and Media.

The project consists of two productions. One production is experimenting with VJ tools to create interventions in public (media) space.

The other production is titled Wormholes, based on the original idea by phD Taina Rajanti, conducted with a team consisting of a group of students. The idea of Wormholes is to develop means to create research tools and ways to represent contemporary structure and conception of space, where leaps from one reality into another can be made directly, disregarding georaphical space. Wormholes production experiements with projection of virtual public space into physical public space, aiming to involve the public in free interaction over a theme relevant to the physical public space.

Participants of this session include:

- Sari Tervaniemi, Mikko Lipiäinen & co (FI)
- Taina Rajanti (FI)

- Julius von Bismarck (GER), the top-shot helmet project

Re-mixed reality seminar is moderated by Teresa Dillon / N.I.P. - New Interfaces for Performance