Politics and Poiesis in Telematic Participation

WHS Teatteri, Helsinki, Finland. 17-23hrs

Parasite Radio is part of Catalysti Week Against Racism 2018, featuring the collaboration of international groups that work toward the development of mechanisms for free expression, as means to reach democracy and citizen participation. In this event we attempt to approach new media technologies as a platform for minorities to raise their voice against the abuse of power by hegemonic groups, based on beliefs of cultural and racial values.The relation between art, politics, and technology raised in this event tries to enable a discussion that provides grounds for artistic labor around social issues: in other respects to recognize the poiesis of technology initiatives around social concerns. Among these, the issue of racism is one of the main questions of this historical period in Europe.


In collaboration with Catalysti:



6 PM- 8 PM

Artist Talks, Round Table Discussions by

ITAPECO - Bailux.


8-10 PM

Live Performances

Shinji Kanki

A study of insects - radio in radio
Intelligent elucidation of sound of insects

Installation (open from 5pm)

funktion.fm (Internet Collage Radio)

A/V Intermission Program  (Radio & Transmission Art)

Nicolas Montgermont. RadioScapes

Peter Courtemanche. Absolute Value of Noise

CoProduced with Catalysti



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