Open P2P Design: How to co-design an Open Design community

While Open Source software has already developed a viable business model and design process, other Open projects like Open Design are still trying to define their best practices. In order to develop new kind of projects we need new design tools and processes; we can also use the same design tools and processes that we have now in order to build the new one (this is what designers call metadesign). What is important now, then, is to develop such new processes and tools collaborating together, adopting an Open Source strategy and P2P social dynamics.

Open P2P Design brings open source and peer-to-peer dynamics inside a community-centered design process, in order to have real co-design projects with people and their communities. We can use Open P2P Design for co-designing Open Design processes or commercial or public services with open and peer-to-peer dynamics, starting from communities and involving them inside the design process. We can also use it for analyzing an existing business and opening to collaboration some of its activities, or design new ones in order to start a collaboration with a community of users.

The lectures and the workshop will cover these issues: 
* What is Open Design and how is it changing design? 
* How can we organize an Open Design community? 
* Which are the technologies (software and manufacturing) that enable Open Design? 
* Which are the markets and the business models for Open Design?

For more background info:

This event is promoted also in Plektrum Festival in Tallinn, with several supported places for Estonian participants.

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Programme led by Massimo Menichinelli


Massimo Menichinelli is a designer working and researching on open collaborative projects and the systems that design them since 2005. Massimo founded, a collaborative project for the research and design of open, complex and collaborative projects, systems and processes. He has participated to conferences and has given lectures and workshops in Italy, Spain, Finland, South Korea, Singapore. He is currently a doctoral candidate in the Media Lab of the Aalto University - School of Art and Design (Helsinki).


Open Lectures (Evenings)


1. Perjantai / Friday 16.9.2011, 18.00-20.00 
Massimo Menichinelli: Open (P2P) Design

2. Perjantai / Friday 23.9.2011, 18.00-20.00 
Massimo Menichinelli: Technologies, places and business models for Open Design

Welcome to come on these Fridays at 1730 for chat & refreshments.

3. Lauantai / Saturday 24.9.2011, 18:30-20:00 
Special guest Michel Bauwens: A world of open shared global innovation commons: how would it look like?

"Imagine a world where open content, free software, and shared design for making and manufacturing have become the norm. In other words, the commons and their communities of contributors become the core of value creation, but they are surrounded and sustained by for-benefit enterpreneurial entities that create value on top of the commons and exchange their goods and services. What would be the institutions and mechanisms in which such a society could function?"

Welcome to come on this Saturday at 1800 for chat, snacks & refreshments.


Workshop (Saturday Daytime)


Lauantai / Saturday 17.9.2011 and 24.9.2011 (full day), 11.00-18.00

There is room for maximum 20 participants, so please register before 14th of September 2011. 
Please send an e-mail to with these information:

* Name 
* Place 
* Short bio (200 words) 
* Motivations / proposal for projects and communities to study (300 words) 
* Operating System (you should bring your own laptop and we can help you with the software)

Materials: Bring your own laptop! 
Fee: Free for the Open Lectures, Workshop: 30€ for students, part-timer or freelances / 50 € for salaried persons. Once you register you will be advised how you can pay (cash or bank transfer) and can be given a receipt