Maker Contribution to Megapolis2026

During the Megapolis2026 event we will demo different prototypes and discuss the relationship between art and energy.

Pixelache Helsinki has organised an annual festival of electronic arts festival and subcultures. In addition to the festival, we also organize workshops and seminars all year-round called the Pixelversity programme. Over the years one of the themes which has emerged as relevent and important has been energy-use. Our future aim is to consider the possiblity of electrical self-sufficiency in our festival organisation, as well as electricity production as a potential artistic expression.

In this project-event space are Kokeellisen electroniikan seura (Koelse), from Helsinki who build instruments from recycled electronics, MIM project from Tallinn, who have been producing their own energy for theatre, and also Kodinkonemusiikin ystävät (Kokomys) from Turku who make music with hacked household appliances.

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Antti Ahonen, aahonen [-at-], 0407514509 
Andrew Paterson, agryfp [-at-], 0504023828