Grenze has been created by Patrick Fontana together with musician Emeric Aelters (who will also have a solo gig at Pikseliähky Club on Friday 31 March) and 3D animator Pierre-Yves Fave.

Grenze discussion / recording session:
Kiasma seminar room // Wed 29 April 18:00 // free entrance

Kiasma seminar room // Sat 1 April 12:00 // free entrance

Kiasma Theatre // Sat 1 April 18:00 // 6 €


Grenze is a project born from the work on some concepts taken from Karl Marx’s “Capital”. The text, called «units of artificial development», is broken up and separated, to be then put in relation withs forms representing their visual transposition. The animation deriving from this represents an attempt at visualizing the transformation of capital and opens a range of questions as how today’s capital catches our lives, our subjectivities.

GRENZE is a vision of the metamorphoses of the capitalist system based on Karl Marx’ “Capital”. It is a visual translation of “Capital”. It progressively unfolds a chain of metamorphic movements. Faced with the construction of an infernal and destructive mechanism, we respond with our look, our waiting, time.

Pikseliähky 2006 will premiere a Finnish version of Grenze, featuring voice samples of people reading excerpts from the book in Finnish.

– – –

For almost ten years now, I have chosen to work from fragments, and to take samples from philosophical discourses. I commit my thoughts to drawn notes which later on involve a visual work. I have tried to approach the concepts and discourses using my own tools, as an artist, trying to give them a visual translation. I have experimented with this particular type of research earlier, on the occasion of seminars by Toni Negri (immaterial work, the translation of work into life and of life into work ), by Jacques Rancière (the aesthetic of art) and by Giorgio Agamben (philosophy) in Paris. These various artistic experiences brought me to realise GRENZE.

Patrick Fontana