Free Translation Sessions with JAC

Free Translation Sessions with JAC


Welcome to Free Translation Sessions with JAC (The Justice Arts Coalition) on the following Thursdays; June 11th, 18th, 25th, and July 2nd on ZOOM from 12:00 - 1:30 pm EST (9am California, 6pm Brussels, 7pm Helsinki)!

June 11th 2020

We will make a translation of a work by Оксана Крутицкая (Oksana Krytickaya).


June 18th 2020

We will have an open discussion about your translations with Оксана Крутицкая (Oksana Krytickaya).

June 25th 2020

We will make a translation of a work from an artist who has exhibited with Free Translation. TBA.

July 2nd 2020

We will have an open discussion about your translations with the artist of translated works on June 25th.


Free Translation is a multi-disciplinary project showcasing international works by incarcerated people, ex-convicts, and anyone affected by imprisonment. In these sessions we use translation techniques as a means of creatively interpreting works of art and word. This means that we interpret the meaning of the works and create new works of art based on the translations. This can be a translation into another language or another medium. For example, a poem can be manifested into a photograph and a drawing can be written as a letter. In this way, we make new works of art and literature, and attempt to understand each other and open up dialogue.

During the 90 minute open art making session we will create translations of the works by Оксана Крутицкая (Oksana Krytickaya) and another Free Translation artist to be announced later. In the following sessions we will then speak with the artist and review the translations of their work. With your consent, artworks will be added to the Free Translation exhibition for the general public to see and continue the dialogue.

Register for this workshop at this link:

Free Translation Sessions is a collaboration of two projects both based in Helsinki: Prison Outside and Translation is Dialogue (TID). Prison Outside is an independent project founded in 2015. The research behind this project is centered on the subjects of imprisonment, justice, and the role of the arts in the relationships between people in prisons and people outside. TID is an art installation that generates a new project every time it is presented. TID uses translation techniques to not only produce art, but also understand what is being communicated.


We hope this finds you well and if you have any questions about joining Free Translation Sessions, please do not hesitate to reach us at  We look forward to making and discussing translations with you!


Our best,
Anastasia & Arlene