DVD Studio Pro workshop

Jarryd Lowder (MFA Computer Art departmentSchool of Visual Arts, New York)
Our guest Jarryd Lowder will host a practical workshop with following content;

1. Digidesign ProTools ProTools is a software/hardware combination used to edit digital audio and MIDI. It is commonly used in the music and sound design industries. From the context of sound art, the basics of ProTools will be demonstrated. The advanced topic of mixing for the "surround sound" format (Dolby Digital 5.1) will also be covered. 

2. Apple DVD Studio Pro Creating your own DVD-Video piece is much simpler and vastly less expensive than it was in 1997 when the medium was introduced. This workshop will cover the basics of authoring a DVD-Video piece from start to finish. It will also include how to incorporate the Dolby Digital 5.1 mix (from the ProTools workshop).