Dorkbot Helsinki

The third edition of Dorkbot Helsinki will feature presentations and acts by the Association of Experimental Electronics (FI), Exo (FI) and our special feature Defektro (Japan/Australia).

Dorkbot was first organized in NYC in 2000 as a monthly gathering of artists, scientists and anyone else “doing strange things with electricity”. Later on, other people realized that their home city was in dire need of such a meeting, and dorkbot started to spread to other cities in different parts of the world (

Date & time: 2 November 2007, 18.00-01.00
Place: Koko-teatteri /
Ticket: 5 eur : : :


Programme schedule
18.00    AEE presentation, bar

19.00    Exo playing, theatre
19.30    AEE set, bar
20.00    Defektro presentation, theatre
21.00    AEE second set

21.30    Defektro set, theatre   


The Association of experimental electronics is a group of people working on the area of creative audio electronics. They tear apart old consumer electronics and electronic waste, and turn them into sound-producing devices. Their projects - including concerts, installations and workshops - have been presented in various European countries.

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"Many unanswered questions remain about the properties of exoplanets, such as the details of their composition and the likelihood of possessing moons."

Helsinki based two-piece EXO offers a hybrid of riff based doom, post hardcore and scifi space rock, the last being a non-audible element. EXO's aim is to boldly strip off all unnecessary elements. The steady foundation of bass and drums is actually more or less all that is needed. Their trademark sound is economic yet massive.

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DEFEKTRO (Japan/Australia)
Characterised by their harsh Machine produced Junk Metal sounds Defektro have been performing together for over ten years. Formed In 1995 in Tokyo, Japan DEFEKTRO is a 3 human, many machine noize unit. The units original members Hirofumi Uchino and Ayako Honda crashed onto the noise scene in Tokyo in 1995. In 2001 they were joined by Laura Oyaizu (of Australia unit KUNT) to make the present day Defektro unit. Hirofumi Uchino,a futuristic Dr Frankenstien, is the evil mastermind and father of the machines used in Defektro. The sound is produced by the machines, sampled, effected chewed up and spat out to the pleasure of the audience.

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