Trashlab activities in April

During 2014 monthly Trashlab events are held at Kaupunkiverstas (Lasipalatsi. Helsinki), on the first Tuesday of each month from 16-19. The next gathering is taking place on Tuesday 1.4. and artist/electronic-expert Ilpo Heikkinen will be hosting the event together with other regular experts in bricolage.

During April, a few special workshop events and activities are also planned in addition to this regular meeting event, including a Waste Expedition to Kuusakoski Oy in Heinola on 16.4., and a ‘gold digger’ dismantling & metal extraction workshop as well presentations at Kierrätystehdas. Read More..

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Open calls / Pixelversity


Update: Still spaces in Raspberry Pi + openFrameworks + Pure Data workshops 7-13.4.

UPDATE! Although we had fully booked workshops after registration, we now have some spaces opened up!

We invite audiovisual media artists, designers and coders to participate in 3-day long Raspberry Pi + openFrameworks and Raspberry Pi + Pure Data workshops which will result in a collaborative audiovisual jam session from 7-13. April in Helsinki. Supported within Pixelversity’s AV-Culture theme, in cooperation with AAVE festival. Express your interest quick! Deadline 21st March. Find out more about the workshops here. If you have any questions contact event curator Irina Spicaka to irina [-at-]

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Open calls / Recommended events


Call for scholars & collaborators at the new P2P Lab, Ioannina, NW Greece

The P2P Lab (Ioannina, NW Greece) proudly opens the doors of its new facility to potential collaborators, scholars, activists, geeks and friends. The open call for visiting scholars & collaborators has just been announced! The visiting scholars program is intended to create networks of researchers, entrepreneurs, activists, policy creators, journalists, geeks, and public intellectuals who are sharing our research interests and have a vision for a project that can inform the public or shape the future of society. Read more here:

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Misc / Recommended events


Ars Lieke 2014: Piuhoja ja pikseleitä Kouvolan taidemuseo Poikilossa 8.2.–13.4.2014

Ars Lieke 2014 tarjoaa ensimmäistä kertaa koko Kymenlaaksossa suomalaisen elektronisen taiteen katselmuksen 8.2.–13.4.2014.

Rollaattorirobotteja, muuntuvia kuva- ja äänimaisemia, sinkkunaisen partnerinhoukutus- ja karkotuspäähineitä – Ars Lieke tarjoaa ensimmäistä kertaa koko Kymenlaaksossa kattavan otoksen uudesta suomalaisesta mediataiteesta. Näyttelyn kuratoi Jonne Pitkänen (Eeva-Liisa Puhakan ja Sara Milazzon avustuksella).

Martin Bircher, Ramyah Gowrishankar ja Kati Hyyppä, Hannu Häkkinen & Klaus Nyqvist, Kokeellisen elektroniikan seura (Koelse), Pekka ja Teija Isorättyä, Petri Kuljuntausta, Matti Niinimäki, Pink Twins, Eeva-Liisa Puhakka, Antti Pussinen

Poikilo-museot, Kouvolan taidemuseo
Sijaintiosoite: Varuskuntakatu 11, 45100 Kouvola

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Open calls / Recommended events

Curonian_Spit and Lagoon Satellite photo by Landsat (NASA) 2000

Call for contributions to Inter-Format Symposium on Flux of Sand & Aquatic Ecosystems 22-25.5.2014

May 22–25, 2014, Nida, Lithuania

Deadline for proposals February 15th, 2014

The Inter-format symposium is a main yearly Nida Art Colony event which is a merge between academic conference, art festival and cosy performative meeting of interdisciplinary professionals. This year it is a part of the techno-ecologies project in cooperation with RIXC (Latvia).

At Nida in 2014, the Flux of Ecosystems of Sand, Water and Man will be discussed in depth and performed from sunrise to moonset during lectures, performances, site-specific artworks, workshops and collective dinners. The participative nature of the symposium brings together 30-40 professionals for 3 days and nights to spend time in the intensive and productive sharing and working environment. Artists, curators, scientists, researchers and people from interdisciplinary background are welcome to apply. Selected participants are provided with travel grants (up to 350 EUR), accommodation and catering (However the capacity is limited and if you could also attend on your own expenses, please indicate this in the proposal).

Read below more about applying &


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Misc / Open calls


Open call for participatory activities in Tallinn, Estonia

Our associates at Ptarmigan in Tallinn are seeking proposals for summer activities between the months of April and September 2014. In October, the space will be closing its

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doors after 3 1/2 years in Tallinn (and 5 since the collective started in Helsinki) and looks to fill the final months with activities by like-minded people who can contribute workshops, games, treasure hunts, seminars, trade shows, confusing messes and other participatory activities (organised around several content themes).

Ptarmigan’s funding is non-existent but they’ve pledged to be as flexible and accommodating as possible with the goal of making the summer engaging, lively and fun. If you think you can contribute something to this bizarre “summer camp”, then head over to the Ptarmigan website to read the open call.

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Join The Next Photo Tagging Amok!

As the continuation of an archiving process that started a couple of years ago, and as an exploration of peer-production tools, Pixelache is organizing a series of open sessions focusing on how to archive Pixelache’s ~30,000 photos from the past 12 years. These sessions are called Photo Tagging Amoks and are led by Pixelache’s all time photographer Antti Ahonen. Have a look at our progress so far.

Next month’s Photo Tagging Amok event, featuring a pot of Antti’s soup, will take place on Wednesday 12.2 at Pixelache office. The two first Amoks have focused on 2013 pictures, and the series on each occasion endeavours to go further back in time. For example, the November event will focus on the tagging of 2012 photo material. Read More »

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Pixelversity / Recommended events


Polymer Scrap and the Limits of the Virtual Body 72 hour live online 24-26.1.

Friday to Sunday 24-26 January 2014, Culture Factory Polymer, Tallinn.

You have heard the rumors about the mysterious disused Estonian toy factory; now hear the true story from the real people who occupy the longest running autonomous culture initiative in the former East Bloc.

“For six winters Culture Factory Polymer has been studio, home, job and community.. I could tell the story of Polymer for three days straight,” says Eero Dinero who will maintain a continuous 72 hour narrative about what happened in Culture Factory Polymer in Tallinn Estonia.

72 things in Polymer embedded with meaning in 72 hours, live online. Vote for the future of this oblique Estonian collective, possess a relic of this bizarre history, tell your story, play and be a part of this epic event on Bambuser, Skype (eerodinero), Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, SMS, phone call or come visit us inside the guerilla studio behind the walls of the culture factory (Ülase 16/Madara 22, Tallinn).

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Open calls / Recommended events


Yeastograms workshop 9-11.12.2013

A bioart workshop with Lucas Czjzek from the Bioart Club pavillon_35 (Vienna, Austria).

Yeastograms are alive images out of yeast cells and produced in a photography like process. The yeastogram method has been developed by artists and scientists of pavillon_35. Lucas Czjzek, one of the developers, used this method for his work ANIMA. During the 3 days workshop Lucas Czjzek from the bioart club pavillon_35 is showing a method to cultivate baker’s yeast and how to shape the cultivation according to aesthetic and artistic decisions.

The workshop explores the utilization of living organisms in artistic formation and expression using amateur-biological techniques. Read More »

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Misc / Open calls / Recommended events


Fictiocratic Operation no. 27C in Tallinn

Migrating Art Academies presents Fictiocratic Operation no. 27c, an experiment in bending social reality and challenging rituals and rhythms. From 27 December until 2 January, participants will collaborate in a yet-undetermined axis of behaviours and dismantlings, all located at the Ptarmigan project space in Tallinn, Estonia and situated around the ritual of

the New Years holiday.

With disruptions programmed by Reality Research’s Centre‘s Pekko Koskinen and Agnieszka Pokrywka and John W. Fail of Ptarmigan, the Fictiocratic Operation will explore social conventions, common utopias, and participatory experiments. This is likely the last large workshop at the Ptarmigan space, and space is limited and the deadline for applications is 24 November.

To apply, please fill out the online registration form. A limited amount of mobility support is available to participants.

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Pixelache Residencies


Come & meet Salah Malouli from Open Taqafa (Casablanca, Morocco) 10.3.

Salah Malouli is our first Moroccan micro-resident and he is staying with us during 4-11.3.

On Monday 10.3 from 18.00- at Pixelache office, he will present the Open Taqafa events he is organising in Casablanca around open source culture, as well as his practice a cultural producer, with a special interest in self-organisation and independant media initiatives.

Salah is a cultural producer based in Casablanca & Barcelona, he has collaborated in creating and organizing various cultural and artistic projects and has worked in many festivals in Spain and Morocco. Currently, he is the head of Opentaqafa platform which he also founded, and which aims to give support to initiatives and micro -projects around open source (

See you at Pixelache office! (Kaasutehtaankatu 1/21, Suvilahti)

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Open calls / Pixelversity

Raspberry mobile streaming kit

Workshop: A/V Live streaming with Raspberry Pi

[Suomeksi teksti alla]

Live streaming is a great and simple, yet undermined way to document events and give remote access to participate and follow events through online mediums. Due to growing access to the suitable computing devices and increasing technological possibilities, we want to invite people to discuss, learn and develop methods and implementations for live streaming.

Workshop: A/V Live streaming with Raspberry Pi by Mikko Laajola

Time and place: 4-5. April, 16:00-20:00 (Pixelache Office, Kaasutehtaankatu 1/21 Suvilahti)
Participation fee: 50 EUR (Includes the cost of equipment materials)
Max participants: 10

Registrations with email to, deadline 5.3.2014

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Trashlab programme in 2014

After a nomadic year 2013 of Trashlab repair workshops touring different studios and maker­ spaces in Helsinki, the activity in 2014 has now settled into Kaupunkiverstas, the city library´s maker­ space in Lasipalatsi. The maker­ space is a recent initative by the library, which responds to the library´s users feedback and ideas of an open workshop space. Trashlab­ activists also had a role in the development of the space and it´s facilities: Albert Laine, Eero Yli-Vakkuri, Andrew Paterson and myself (Päivi Raivio) participated in the co­-planning process during a workshop organised by the city library in Aalto University´s maker­space Aalto FabLab. It is rewarding to see the space now in action, and open for cooperation with independent initiatives like Trashlab. We are there on the first Tuesday of each month between 16-19.

While Trashlab´s focus has recently been in organising repair­ workshops and raising awareness of DIY repair-­skills, it will, purposelly remain undefined about what we all mean by fixing, what is trash/waste or even what are appropriate skills. The spectrum of Trashlab will remain as wide as possible, allowing people, with different scopes of interest to develop and define the meanings with us.

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Open calls / Pixelversity


Call for Raspberry Pi + openFrameworks + Pure Data workshop participants

We are inviting audiovisual media artists, designers and coders to participate in 3-day long Raspberry Pi + openFrameworks and Raspberry Pi + Pure Data workshops which will result in a collaborative audiovisual jam session. These Pixelversity supported events will happen in Helsinki, Finland, as part of the AAVE festival from 7-13. April, 2014. Apply before deadline 23rd February, and results will be announced on February 28. Find out more about the workshops here. If you have any questions contact event curator Irina Spicaka to irina [-at-]

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Pixelache Festival


Camp Pixelache 2014: Vartiosaari, 6-8th June

Pixelache Helsinki 2014 will be an international 2-day trans-disciplinary event focusing on the theme of “The Commons”, including bio-, urban culture and knowledge commons topics. Adding a new island to its logbook after Suomenlinna (2011) and Naissaar (2013), Camp Pixelache will take up residence in Vartiosaari, a nature island surrounded by eastern suburbs of Helsinki, during 6-8th June 2014. Read More >>

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Pixelache Network


Open-Sourcing Festivals

How does an organisation open-source their cultural festival? Can we share the process for organising a festival, so that other groups can use it themselves? How do organisations support activities and events throughout the year? Can we share the process for sustaining ongoing programs, so that other groups can do this too?

These are the questions that five experimental art, design and technology organisations from the Pixelache Network are asking themselves and others, and exploring, through a mobile circuit of workshops and seminars organized across Europe during 2013-2015.

In the process, Piksel (NO), Pikslaverk (IS), Mal au Pixel (FR) and Pixelache (FI) will gradually be working towards ‘open-sourcing’ their festival skills and tools to provide them to their UK partner Access Space Network, who will test and utilise them in organising their first major digital culture festival, the closing event of this process. Read More »

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Announcement of Pixelversity Programme 2014

In 2014, Pixelversity outreach & education programme continues consolidating previous themes, and introducing a few new ones: InfoWork, Trashlab, AV-Culture, Ruins, and other things not yet become.

Read More »

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Pixelache Projects


Foodycle ’14 Open Planning Meeting 28.1, klo 18-20.00

Foodycle Festival #2 will take place in September again this year. You are mostly welcome to join our open Foodycle 14′ open planning meeting next Tuesday 28.1 from 6 to 8 pm at Pixelache office in Suvilahti (Building 7, A-entrance, on the kalasatama side). We have a special guest from Moks in Estonia attending the meeting, who is currently a micro-resident at Pixelache. Her name is Evelyn Müürsepp and she is the founder the Mooste Food Club. MORE

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It’s time for piparit!

Come and celebrate the pikkujoulu time of the year at Pixelache Office on Saturday 14.12 from 16.30 onwards!

A ballet of piparit, rivers of warm glögi (also non alcoholic streams) and nice chats spreading from the corridor into our new Infinite Cabinet.

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Open calls / Pixelversity


Cryptography for Postcards workshop 5.12

There is still room in the workshop Cryptography for Postcards to be held at Made in Kallio on 5.12. If you’d like to create encrypted messages to Santa/Joulupukki, relatives and enemies, read more and sign up here!

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