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On 11.11 Baltic Circle invites you to participate in the POSITIONS performance!

The International Theatre Festival Baltic Circle invites you to “Take your POSITIONS” at Lasipalatsi square on Monday 11.11.2013 at 17.00, to participate in a performance by Public Movement.

The performance will be in Finnish and in English and lasts 15 Minutes. POSITIONS is a choreographed demonstration that invites people to take a stand on any number of urgent issues, to choose a side: Riding a bike or using a car? Drinking coffee or tea? Theatre or Cinema? Right-wing or left-wing? The participants respond actively to different questions by moving from side to side. In this way a visual image of public opinions is formed.

Presented in New York, Italy, Israel, Germany, Holland, Sweden and now Finland, Public Movement inspires the public to embody their preferences, aspirations, and beliefs – manifesting political and philosophical ideas as physical positions.

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Wärk:fest – DIY maker culture this weekend in Helsinki 5.-6.10.

This weekend friends & colleagues gather together at WÄRK:fest celebrates do-it-yourself culture at Ääniwalli, Helsinki on 5th to 6th October, 2013. The aim of the event is to gather together creative individuals and communities and offer them a place to share their interests and skills. Check the programme in Finnish and English version. More information (mostly in Finnish) at | their FB page or Twitter.

Below we syndicate the Finnish press-release (Tiedote) from 24th September:


Tee-se-itse-kulttuurin urbaani tapahtuma WÄRK:fest 2013 kutsuu kaikki uteliaat Helsingin Vallilaan, Ääniwalliin 5.-6. lokakuuta. WÄRK:fest kokoaa yhteen innostuneet harrastajat ja harrastusyhteisöt monilta tee-se-itse -tekemisen osa-alueilta esittelemään ja jakamaan taitojaan kaikille kiinnostuneille.

WÄRK:festissä on kymmeniä värkkäyspisteitä, työpajoja, työnäytöksiä ja puheenvuoroja. Kävijät pääsevät muun muassa rakentamaan härveleitä, kolvaamaan, kokkaamaan avointa dataa, häksäämään muotia, neulomaan kajahtaneita kudelmia sekä inspiroitumaan katutaiteesta, musiikkiesityksistä, aurinkoenergiasta ja taskuneulooseista. Kaikkea 3D -pikavalmistuksesta perinnetekniikoihin.

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Misc / Recommended events


Jon Irigoyen’s ‘There is always room for more’ exhibition 5-18.10.

OPENING FRIDAY 4.10 18.00- 20.00
EXHIBITION OPEN 5.10 – 18.10 WED-SAT 12-18
Gallery Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki

Jon Irigoyen: There is always room for one more.

“The first idea that comes to our mind when we speak of tableware is an artifact to serve the food and drink we consume every day. We should, however also be aware of its other, more powerful and symbolic meaning where different social, political, and class values inextricably merge.

How about creating our own tableware with our symbolic and personal imagery, leaving to our descendants values and images completely different from the ones associated with traditional tableware, with its class, political, and traditional weight?

At these times of the postmodern society, few things play as influential role in our lives as consumerism does. Consumption is intimately tied to the creation and production of a sense of self. All objects we consume have a sign class, the creation of our own objects, in this case in a dishware, confronts these dynamics by making a “Do It Yourself” production process.

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Recommended events

Mail Attachment

Tomorrow 3.10: Skills of Economy Seminar

Event for contemporary artistic and activistic reactions and ideas to economy, at Ravitolalaiva Wäiski, 3.10.2013 9.30am. – 7pm.

The Skills of Economy Event creates a flow of views from artists, curators, activists and theorists on current artistic production and different ideas on how mainstream and hegemonic economic thinking and reality can be challenged through artistic and activist practices. These ways can be roughly divided into symbolic and direct actions. Symbolic actions can create new representations of the visualization of economy or re-perform economic concepts, situations and habits. On the other hand, direct actions, such as time banking, may be giving form to local ways of organizing change. The effects of these actions are neither purely symbolic nor direct, instead they are in dialogue with economical rhetorics as well as with different realities and politics connected to these. The event highlights art and economy both as strong targets of politics and as media of politics. More

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Open calls / Recommended events

Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 12.11.36

Creative Coding for Live Audio and Visuals events in Riga (29.9-5.10)

Open call for participation in Creative Coding for Live Audio and Visuals events in Riga, 29th September – 5th October. The first time it took place was in collaboration with AAVE Festival in Helsinki during April 2013. The programme of workshops and events has been initiated and developed by Irina Spicaka, who is an audiovisual media artist, graphic designer and researcher within the field of audiovisual culture.

We are inviting visual and sound artists, designers, creative coders, experienced performers of AV/VJ scene as well as beginners, and interested people to participate in workshops related to the theme ‘Creative Coding for Live Audio and Visuals’. Read more about the programme here.

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Misc / Pixelversity / Recommended events


First Nordic Creative Commons Film Festival in Helsinki 6. – 7.9.2013

Pixelache with the collaboration of Animatricks is preparing the Helsinki connection of the first  Nordic Creative Commons Film Festival with a special program of FILM SCREENING plus a SEMINAR PROGRAM.

The first day, Friday 6.9.2013, a seminar dedicated to Creative Commons licences will take place from 14:00-17:00 at Annantalo auditorium (Annankatu 30, Helsinki). Note: Seminar in Finnish. The same day, following the seminar from 18:00 to 22:00, there will be a selection of films from the Festival program will be screened at Gallery MAA-tila (Albertinkatu 19, Helsinki). The next day, Saturday 7.9.2013, the screening will continue from 16:00 to 20:00 at the same location: Gallery MAA-tila (Albertinkatu 19, Helsinki).

Both events,the seminar and the screening, are free of charge, but please book a seat here to be sure there is place for you!

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Open calls / Recommended events


Creative Coding for Live Audio & Visuals in Riga, Latvia 29.9.-5.10.

Visual and sound artists, designers, creative coders, experienced performers of AV/VJ scene as well as beginners and interested people are invited to participate in workshops and collaborative audiovisual performances. We believe it is a good way to improve one’s skills and understanding about creating works in a form of audiovisual performance.

The workshops will be led by professionals in the field of new media and audiovisual performance. The list of creative workshops: Build your own musical instrument using Raspberry Pi and Pure Data (hold by Sébastien Piquemal), Build a visual synthesizer using Raspberry Pi and open Frameworks (hold by Krišjānis Rijnieks), AVVX – vector visualisation for music (hold by Nunno Correia), Visual programming with Quartz Composer and Syphon (hold by Matti Niinimäki).

The final event will offer an experimental, public jam session by the participants of both Raspberry Pi workshops; a performance by Finnish Skwee music representative DKSTR in collaboration with Matti Niinimäki; AVVX workshop participants will collaborate with the electronic music project Baltic Diving Co.; and the Quartz Composer workshop participants will be able to try their self made applications together with local electronic musicians and DJs.

Apply for workshops by August 30 here. There is no participation fee, but the number of participants in a workshop is limited to 10. Results will be announced by September 15. For more info ask to the event producer Irīna Špičaka: irina [at]

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Misc / Recommended events


Sound art/intervention workshop in Tallinn

Aeolian artifacts is a three day workshop/working group in Tallinn, Estonia from 22-24 August. Led by Helsinki-based artist Juan Carlos Duarte Regino, the project is an extension of his ‘Pulsar Kite‘ project, which explores kites and other wind-based instruments as controllers for sound. The event is based at Ptarmigan project space in Tallinn and is free for participants.

This working group will incorporate some physical computing/Arduino programming, but also will experiment with the construction of instruments such as kites and harps, so participants of any experience level are welcome. The third day will explore public intervention, most likely at Linnahall or other sites in the Tallinn cityscape.

To join this project, register via the Ptarmigan website.

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Misc / Open calls / Recommended events


FIELDS: Call for Participation – Deadline Extended to June 30th 2013

Via Armin Medosh: Fields starts from the assumption that the changing role of art in society is one where it becomes a critical interloper in patterns of social, scientific, and technological transformations. The range of practices which were once subsumed under terms such as media art, digital art, art and technology, art and science, have experienced such growth and diversification that no single term can work as a signpost any more. Fields is about mapping those expanded fields of artistic practices which are contextual seedbeds for ideas and practices aiming at overcoming the crisis of the present, inventing new avenues for future developments by bringing together traditionally separated domains. Fields is about new ecological and transversal trends in art, outlining potential future trajectories for multifarious types of activities that merge politics, technology, ecology, gender, semiology.

Which Fields act as catalysts and underpin those artistic practices which offer the greatest potential for social change towards more imaginative and sustainable ways of living? Which pre-cursors in the last 30-40 years did exist and what can we learn from those often untold stories?

More info:

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Open calls / Pixelache Network


Call for Participants, Piksel Remote Hacklab: Experimental Communication System Open Workshop, Venice, May 28-29th

Free 2-day workshop, Venice, May 28-29th, 12pm-late.

Recent studies have shown that the electrical resistance in soil above a buried carcass has a different resistivity to that of near by soil due to the decomposition of bodily tissue. The body leaves a “real”, quantifiable electrical trace when it is dead. Following this idea that traces of the dead can be measured via electricity it may be possible that these traces can be found elsewhere such as in the electromagnetic field.

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Education Engineering Days 27-29.10.

Education Engineering Days is an invite-based 3-day unconference event at Otaniemi (Espoo) and Suvilahti (Helsinki) sites, from 27th to 29th October which gathers an international community of professionals changing the global education landscape.

Public etherpadEventbrite | Facebook | #eedays

The term ‘education engineers’, suggested by the organizers for joint discussion, implies an emerging profile of professionals who successfully develop, implement, and adjust educational practices; and by doing so, aiming to supplement – or to be an alternative to – traditional tertiary education, and to satisfy perceived real world needs.

We welcome you to join the public ‘Lightning Talks’ session on Monday 28th October from 18.00 to 21.00/6-9pm (Helsinki time), to be held at Startup Sauna (Betonimiehenkuja 3 D, Otaniemi, Espoo). NB: This event will also be streamed live via this channel;
If you plan to attend physically, please register via Eventbrite so we can prepare appropriately.

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Case Pyhäjoki report: With joy and love

Case Pyhäjoki – Artistic reflections on nuclear influence‘ was a trans-disciplinary expedition and production workshop in Pyhäjoki, Northern Finland from 1.-11.8.2013. The sixth nuclear power plant (NPP) of the country is planned to be built in Pyhäjoki Hanhikivi cape.

Participants of Case Pyhäjoki were for example artists, researchers and activists. The programme consisted of lectures, meeting local people and expeditions of different kinds to get to know the area; nuclear power as a phenomenon, and what the power plant means to people. It reaches from the local to national and global. What are artists’ role related to the changes in the area and wider? How can we develop methods of creative work in a complex and contested place of social tragedy and distress? How can we communicate this through to wider networks?

The following text below is a report by Case Pyhäjoki initiator, artistic director and executive producer Mari Keski-Korsu. Case Pyhäjoki was organised as a collaborative work group in between herself, artist-organiser and researcher Andrew Gryf Paterson (Pixelache) and musician and artist Antye Greie-Ripatti (Hai Art). Other supporting partners included Finnish Bioart Society and Pro Hanhikivi. Case Pyhäjoki was funded by Kone Foundation and Arts Promotion Centre of Finland (Taike).

[NB: Teksti raportti alla myös suomen kieli täällä]

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Trashlab events at Kaupunkiverstas: Now 2.10. & monthly in 2014!

Trashlab korjauskahvila / repair cafe
Keskiviikona / Wednesday 2.10. klo 16-19.
Kaupunkiverstas – Kohtaamispaikka@Lasipalatsi


Each month during 2013 we organise and promote a Trashlab Repair Cafe event at a different location.. In October, Kaupunkiverstas — Helsinki City Library’s new maker space on the site of Kohtaamispaikka in Lasipalatsi — hosts the next repair café event on Wednesday 2nd October from 14:00-18:00. However, this is just a pilot event, and monthly events have been negotiated to take place in same location monthly during 2014.

Prototype Helsinki and Kohtaamispaikka@lasipalatsi have organised the Kaupunkiverstas (Urban Workshop) series of events which are planned for urban citizens, urban activists, city councilors and officials. In the workshop-type events, urban culture and city streets is presented from the perspective of active authorship. Authorship and participation is intended to support two different approaches: enabling and gathering specific activities, and opening up new perspectives on urban culture. More information (in Finnish).

Several members of Trashlab activity were kindly invited to part in an expert brainstorming session in March 2013, which also discussed this new Library-managed maker-space, and so we are very happy to one of the pilot grassroot users of the space.

On this repair café occasion in October, we have identified two fixers on hand for the occasion, again by popular demand Charlotte Remming, who offers support in sewing and fabric repairs; as well as Eero Yli-Vakkuri, who can help with many matters related to wood, electronics and various household objects, as well as doing good turn sharpening knives and scissors… He is a general wizard!

This Trashlab repair café is made at the invitation of and supported by Prototype Helsinki network coordinators.

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Pixelache Projects / Recommended events

acoustic laptops

Build Acoustic Laptops! 15.9

Pixelache welcomes Norwegian sound artist Tore Honoré Bøe to Helsinki where he will lead a workshop on the construction of “acoustic laptops”. The workshop will utilise found materials and urban waste in the Pasila area, and participants will create their own micro-sound worlds inside a wooden box/container of their own choosing.  In building an acoustic laptop, one can rediscover sonic properties of small, everyday objects, question our digital culture and reclaim the waste objects of urban settings.

The workshop is from 14:00 – 18:00 on Sunday, 15 September and will occur at Dodo’s Kääntöpöyta space. There is space for ten participants; please register here, first come first served.

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Open calls / Pixelache Projects


Register for Foodycle Lightning Talks!

Would you like to share ideas, projects, research, works-in-progress, processes related to food? Join the Foodycle Lightning Talks programme! Registration is open until 11.9.  Sign-up!

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Trashlab repair cafe at Arkadia international bookshop 7.9.

Each month during 2013 we organise and promote a Trashlab Repair Cafe event at a different location. Arkadia International Bookshop (Nervanderinkatu 11, Helsinki) hosts September’s repair cafe event on Saturday 7.9. from 12.00 – 17.00. It is likely to be the biggest Trashlab repair cafe ‘fix-fest’ so far! Don’t miss it, Tervetuloa, welcome!

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Open calls / Pixelache Projects


Foodycle Workshops Open for Registration!

Come and join Foodycle workshops! They are free of charge and don’t require any prior knowledge. While some require a several hour involvement and thus registration, others will be ongoing with the possibilty to pop up at any time. From Aquaponics to meat butchering, pick your choice!

More info

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Copper-scavaging waste expedition with ORE.E Refineries 30.8.

During the “Metal Scavenging is Alchemy” waste expedition, blacksmith Jesse Sipola and artist Eero Yli-Vakkuri from Ore.e Refineries will escort participants into the world of Copper Scavenging from Friday 30.8. at 10.00. This waste expedition is the 3rd organised within the context of the Pixelversity 2013 Waste/d theme. The expedition will take participants for a bike trip from Hakaniementori (Helsinki downtown) to Tattarisuo (near Malmi), to cash in the copper with Niemen Romukauppa Oy. Don’t delay sign up today! (Max. 12 participants, first come first served)

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Pixelache Projects


Foodycle, transdiciplinary food festival coming up 12-13.9!

Foodycle is a two-day event organised as a collaboration between Pixelache Helsinki and Ruoan tulevaisuus (Future of Food) and other partners. It is a transdisciplinary and participatory food festival that brings together food producers, artists, designers, scientists, grassroots organisations, students, and consumers in general. It aims to recover

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the true meaning of ecosystem thinking–a bridge between art, design and science–and a space for sharing ideas for sustainable food in the current and future Finland. The programme is organised in Viikki (12.9) and Suvilahti (13.9) around various interpretations of the food cycle, combining theory & hands-on workshops, providing both literally and metaphorically ‘food for thought’, as well as tools for participants to contribute to improving our food system. Foodycle is for anyone interested in food issues.

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Pixelversity / Recommended events


Update: Coop Camp Keynote 16.8. Diego Cruz Martinez (Mexico/Finland): Autonomous Media projects in Mexico

Perjantaina 16.8. / Friday 16.8. from 18.00, Pispala Library (Tahmelankatu 14, 33240 Tampere)

This year’s Coop Camp keynote for the ‘communications infrastructure’ thematic, is now confirmed: Diego Cruz Martinez has become known in Finland, above all, as an engineer of the Voice for Indigenous Villages community radio project in Oaxaca. Voice for Indigenous Communities (Pasa la Voz) project , founded in 2007 by Finnish People’s Radio Organization, supports the indigenous communities in the state of Oaxaca in Southern Mexico by developing community radios.

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