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Open call for participatory activities in Tallinn, Estonia

Our associates at Ptarmigan in Tallinn are seeking proposals for summer activities between the months of April and September 2014. In October, the space will be closing its

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doors after 3 1/2 years in Tallinn (and 5 since the collective started in Helsinki) and looks to fill the final months with activities by like-minded people who can contribute workshops, games, treasure hunts, seminars, trade shows, confusing messes and other participatory activities (organised around several content themes).

Ptarmigan’s funding is non-existent but they’ve pledged to be as flexible and accommodating as possible with the goal of making the summer engaging, lively and fun. If you think you can contribute something to this bizarre “summer camp”, then head over to the Ptarmigan website to read the open call.

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Join The Next Photo Tagging Amok!

As the continuation of an archiving process that started a couple of years ago, and as an exploration of peer-production tools, Pixelache is organizing a series of open sessions focusing on how to archive Pixelache’s ~30,000 photos from the past 12 years. These sessions are called Photo Tagging Amoks and are led by Pixelache’s all time photographer Antti Ahonen. Have a look at our progress so far.

Next month’s Photo Tagging Amok event, featuring a pot of Antti’s soup, will take place on Wednesday 12.2 at Pixelache office. The two first Amoks have focused on 2013 pictures, and the series on each occasion endeavours to go further back in time. For example, the November event will focus on the tagging of 2012 photo material. Read More »

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Pixelversity / Recommended events


Polymer Scrap and the Limits of the Virtual Body 72 hour live online 24-26.1.

Friday to Sunday 24-26 January 2014, Culture Factory Polymer, Tallinn.

You have heard the rumors about the mysterious disused Estonian toy factory; now hear the true story from the real people who occupy the longest running autonomous culture initiative in the former East Bloc.

“For six winters Culture Factory Polymer has been studio, home, job and community.. I could tell the story of Polymer for three days straight,” says Eero Dinero who will maintain a continuous 72 hour narrative about what happened in Culture Factory Polymer in Tallinn Estonia.

72 things in Polymer embedded with meaning in 72 hours, live online. Vote for the future of this oblique Estonian collective, possess a relic of this bizarre history, tell your story, play and be a part of this epic event on Bambuser, Skype (eerodinero), Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, SMS, phone call or come visit us inside the guerilla studio behind the walls of the culture factory (Ülase 16/Madara 22, Tallinn).

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Open calls / Recommended events


Yeastograms workshop 9-11.12.2013

A bioart workshop with Lucas Czjzek from the Bioart Club pavillon_35 (Vienna, Austria).

Yeastograms are alive images out of yeast cells and produced in a photography like process. The yeastogram method has been developed by artists and scientists of pavillon_35. Lucas Czjzek, one of the developers, used this method for his work ANIMA. During the 3 days workshop Lucas Czjzek from the bioart club pavillon_35 is showing a method to cultivate baker’s yeast and how to shape the cultivation according to aesthetic and artistic decisions.

The workshop explores the utilization of living organisms in artistic formation and expression using amateur-biological techniques. Read More »

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Misc / Open calls / Recommended events


Fictiocratic Operation no. 27C in Tallinn

Migrating Art Academies presents Fictiocratic Operation no. 27c, an experiment in bending social reality and challenging rituals and rhythms. From 27 December until 2 January, participants will collaborate in a yet-undetermined axis of behaviours and dismantlings, all located at the Ptarmigan project space in Tallinn, Estonia and situated around the ritual of

the New Years holiday.

With disruptions programmed by Reality Research’s Centre‘s Pekko Koskinen and Agnieszka Pokrywka and John W. Fail of Ptarmigan, the Fictiocratic Operation will explore social conventions, common utopias, and participatory experiments. This is likely the last large workshop at the Ptarmigan space, and space is limited and the deadline for applications is 24 November.

To apply, please fill out the online registration form. A limited amount of mobility support is available to participants.

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Pixelache Network / Recommended events


Piksel 2013 this week!

The 11th edition of the Piksel Festival takes place this week in Bergen (NO) during November 21st-24th 2013. This years theme – RIOT – connects to the diversity in the tradition of hacktivist art and specifically the use of tactical media, digital resistance and electronic disturbance as more relevant now than ever before. check Festival Programme!

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Ambassador Report / Recommended events


Pixelache goes RuutiExpo 2013 (8.11.)

The registered organisation behind Pixelache, Piknik Frequency ry, took part in the RuutiExpo 2013 event, at Kaupungintalo (Helsinki City Hall), now the 3rd time organised by the Youth Department of the City of Helsinki in cooperation with the Educational Department. The event promotes youth empowerment, hosts youth elections, and offers also a space to take part in practical workshops, share opinions, presentations.

One of the main purposes of the event is to create discussion forums and candidate positions to bring voice of youth to city decision-makers. Indeed the event organisers say “Come to the venue and find your own way to influence!” – RuutiExpo is free and open to youth of all ages. Ruuti translates into English as gunpowder (or saltpetre, which is also the explosive mixture used in fireworks), and ‘naturally’ is associated with power or a discharge of energy. This year the event was attended by approximately 4500 people (youth & adults).

A large number of city youth services as well as NGOs and associations took part, mostly hosting workshops or presenting messu (fair) -type displays. Piknik Frequency was encouraged to take part for the first time, and had a table in the Toimintatori (Activity-market) among others. As one of the few cultural associations present, the aim of being there was to try raise awareness of Pixelache Helsinki’s Festival, and our outreach & education programme around the year called Pixelversity, as an opportunity for city youth to get involved with experimental art, design, research and activism processes.

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Misc / Recommended events


Waste/art workshop in Tallinn, 16-17.11

Ptarmigan Tallinn artist-in-residence Karl Larsson (Sweden) will lead a two-day workshop looking to create visual

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art from waste materials. A Tallinn-based waste management company has supplied plenty of refuse,

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and this two day workshop will contain both practical and theoretical elements. There’s only space for a few participants, so register now via the Ptarmigan website.

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Pixelversity / Recommended events


Upcoming Commons events in Helsinki: Mapping workshop 24.10. & Seminar with Charlotte Hess 7.11.

The co-p2p Special-interest-group at Aalto ARTS, led by Andrea Botero, Johanna Saad-Sulonen and Sanna Marttila, are organising 2 upcoming events on the Commons in Helsinki at Aalto Media Factory, which we recommend for your participation & attendence.

The first occasion this week on Thursday 24.10 from 09:30 -12:30 as a mapping workshop aims to ask – What forms of

commons and commoning are present today in a city like Helsinki? – inviting other commons oriented practitioners and researchers here to join us in mapping existing and emerging commons in Helsinki: spaces, data, actions and tools. more info and show your interest via Facebook event.

The larger occasion is a full day seminar on Thursday 7.11. from 09.00-16.00 entitled ‘Infrastructuring the Commons?’, and aims at inquiring on the relationship of the current discourse on the commons, to emerging art, design and planning practices; specifically those engaged actively with collaborative digital media.

The group have invited renowned Commons scholar and archivist Charlotte Hess from Indiana University to give the opening keynote ‘Crafting New Commons: Designing for Collaboration, Participation, and Sustainability’. More about seminar and opportunity to take part, by making a presentation in the parallel sessions (NB: Sign up by 25.10.!). Related Facebook event.

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Open calls / Recommended events


On 11.11 Baltic Circle invites you to participate in the POSITIONS performance!

The International Theatre Festival Baltic Circle invites you to “Take your POSITIONS” at Lasipalatsi square on Monday 11.11.2013 at 17.00, to participate in a performance by Public Movement.

The performance will be in Finnish and in English and lasts 15 Minutes. POSITIONS is a choreographed demonstration that invites people to take a stand on any number of urgent issues, to choose a side: Riding a bike or using a car? Drinking coffee or tea? Theatre or Cinema? Right-wing or left-wing? The participants respond actively to different questions by moving from side to side. In this way a visual image of public opinions is formed.

Presented in New York, Italy, Israel, Germany, Holland, Sweden and now Finland, Public Movement inspires the public to embody their preferences, aspirations, and beliefs – manifesting political and philosophical ideas as physical positions.

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It’s time for piparit!

Come and celebrate the pikkujoulu time of the year at Pixelache Office on Saturday 14.12 from 16.30 onwards!

A ballet of piparit, rivers of warm glögi (also non alcoholic streams) and nice chats spreading from the corridor into our new Infinite Cabinet.

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Open calls / Pixelversity


Cryptography for Postcards workshop 5.12

There is still room in the workshop Cryptography for Postcards to be held at Made in Kallio on 5.12. If you’d like to create encrypted messages to Santa/Joulupukki, relatives and enemies, read more and sign up here!

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Case Pyhäjoki: Energy in the era of climate change -discussion event 5.12.

Time: 5. December 2013 from 18.00-20.00 (GMT +2)
Place: Arkadia International Bookshop, Nervanderinkatu 11, Helsinki

‘Case Pyhäjoki – Artistic reflections on nuclear influence’ was a trans-disciplinary expedition and production workshop in Pyhäjoki, Northern Finland in August 2013 The sixth nuclear power plant (NPP) of the country is planned to be built in Pyhäjoki Hanhikivi cape. Case Pyhäjoki explores issues of nuclear power through creative and artistic methods.

Case Pyhäjoki program continues in Helsinki as a presentation and discussion event in Arkadia international bookshop. To start the event, Case Pyhäjoki project & documentations will be shortly presented by artists Mari Keski-Korsu and Andrew Gryf Paterson. This will be then be followed by a panel discussion by experts in the field of energy, as detailed below.

Four experts are invited into discussion with each other and the audience: Karoliina Auvinen (Naps Systems), Riku Eskelinen, (EKOenergy), Lauri Muranen (Finnish Energy Industries) and Rauli Partanen (writer of the book Finland after oil). Conversation will evolve around questions such as: Is it possible to reduce carbon emissions without nuclear power? What are the alternatives of nuclear power? What kind of energy production and consumption policies should be implemented in order to mitigate climate change? What makes us happy?

The discussion forum is open for the audience to contribute at the time of the event, and questions can be sent online beforehand via social media. Facebook event & Live stream archive

Huom! Tapahtuman tiedot myös suomen kieli

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Open calls / Pixelversity


Cryptography for Postcards Workshop 5.12.

A workshop by Markus Decker and Peter Wagenhuber
Date: Thursday 5th of December 10-16h
Place: Made In Kallio, Vasankatu 14 Helsinki.

The workshop Cryptography for Postcards introduces the basic principles of cryptography and cryptoanalysis with collaboratively created handmade ciphers and postcards.

Cryptography as a means of secure transmission of information is a technology applied since the earliest days of human information exchange and did not loose significance. On the contrary, the current revelations concerning comprehensive surveillance and the resulting discussions about privacy are increasing. Cryptography is one aspect of digital self-defense, of how one can protect oneself and counteract. Sign-up & Read More »

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Trashlab repair café at Aalto Fablab 16.11. / Pikkujoulu 14.12.

Each month during 2013 we organise and promote a Trashlab repair café event at a different location. In November, our last workshop of the year, we´ll meet in Aalto Fablab in Arabianranta, on Saturday 16.11. from 12 to 16.00.

Aalto Fablab is an open and free-for-all workshop, which is equipped with 3D-printer, vinyl cutter and so on. It is a service provided to Aalto staff, researchers & students from Monday-Friday, with Tuesday afternoon being their regular open period for anyone else to come along.

In this specially arranged Saturday-afternoon session, our old friend and a DIY-wizard Albert Laine will lead the repairing. Albert will help with wood, electronics and other items. Also, Anu Määttä & Palash Mukhopadhyay will be on hand to help with their specialist knowledge of tools & machines there, some spare parts and learning support to fix your stuff, Aalto Fablab -style!

See related Facebook event.

++ Huom! Mark your calendar:

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Trashlab pikkujoulu 14.12. from 13-17 at Pixelache office is our last gathering of the year, to reflection on past experiences & plan for the future year ahead of monthly Trashlab cafés at Kaupunkiverstas in 2014. Tervetuloa!

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Pixelache Projects


Foodycle, Report on a Transdisciplinary Experience

Foodycle, Transdisciplinary Food Festival was organised for the first time in Helsinki during 12-13.9, by Ruoan Tulevaisuus and Pixelache. Ruoan Tulevaisuus is a network of people trying to encourage transdisciplinary discussion on the food system by combining science with grassroots action. It was founded in 2012 by a group of agricology students and graduates from Helsinki University Viikki campus. The process of this collaboration, intense and very enriching for our two very different organizations, demonstrated the strength of transdiciplinary projects. Read More »

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Education Engineering Days 27-29.10.

Education Engineering Days is an invite-based 3-day unconference event at Otaniemi (Espoo) and Suvilahti (Helsinki) sites, from 27th to 29th October which gathers an international community of professionals changing the global education landscape.

Public etherpadEventbrite | Facebook | #eedays

The term ‘education engineers’, suggested by the organizers for joint discussion, implies an emerging profile of professionals who successfully develop, implement, and adjust educational practices; and by doing so, aiming to supplement – or to be an alternative to – traditional tertiary education, and to satisfy perceived real world needs.

We welcome you to join the public ‘Lightning Talks’ session on Monday 28th October from 18.00 to 21.00/6-9pm (Helsinki time), to be held at Startup Sauna (Betonimiehenkuja 3 D, Otaniemi, Espoo). NB: This event will also be streamed live via this channel;
If you plan to attend physically, please register via Eventbrite so we can prepare appropriately.

Read More »

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Case Pyhäjoki report: With joy and love

Case Pyhäjoki – Artistic reflections on nuclear influence‘ was a trans-disciplinary expedition and production workshop in Pyhäjoki, Northern Finland from 1.-11.8.2013. The sixth nuclear power plant (NPP) of the country is planned to be built in Pyhäjoki Hanhikivi cape.

Participants of Case Pyhäjoki were for example artists, researchers and activists. The programme consisted of lectures, meeting local people and expeditions of different kinds to get to know the area; nuclear power as a phenomenon, and what the power plant means to people. It reaches from the local to national and global. What are artists’ role related to the changes in the area and wider? How can we develop methods of creative work in a complex and contested place of social tragedy and distress? How can we communicate this through to wider networks?

The following text below is a report by Case Pyhäjoki initiator, artistic director and executive producer Mari Keski-Korsu. Case Pyhäjoki was organised as a collaborative work group in between herself, artist-organiser and researcher Andrew Gryf Paterson (Pixelache) and musician and artist Antye Greie-Ripatti (Hai Art). Other supporting partners included Finnish Bioart Society and Pro Hanhikivi. Case Pyhäjoki was funded by Kone Foundation and Arts Promotion Centre of Finland (Taike).

[NB: Teksti raportti alla myös suomen kieli täällä]

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Trashlab events at Kaupunkiverstas: Now 2.10. & monthly in 2014!

Trashlab korjauskahvila / repair cafe
Keskiviikona / Wednesday 2.10. klo 16-19.
Kaupunkiverstas – Kohtaamispaikka@Lasipalatsi


Each month during 2013 we organise and promote a Trashlab Repair Cafe event at a different location.. In October, Kaupunkiverstas — Helsinki City Library’s new maker space on the site of Kohtaamispaikka

in Lasipalatsi — hosts the next repair café event on Wednesday 2nd October from 14:00-18:00. However, this is just a pilot event, and monthly events have been negotiated to take place in same location monthly during 2014.

Prototype Helsinki and Kohtaamispaikka@lasipalatsi have organised the Kaupunkiverstas (Urban Workshop) series of events which are planned for urban citizens, urban activists, city councilors and officials. In the workshop-type events, urban culture and city streets is presented from the perspective of active authorship. Authorship and participation is intended to support two different approaches: enabling and gathering specific activities, and opening up new perspectives on urban culture. More information (in Finnish).

Several members of Trashlab activity were kindly invited to part in an expert brainstorming session in March 2013, which also discussed this new Library-managed maker-space, and so we are very happy to one of the pilot grassroot users of the space.

On this repair café occasion in October, we have identified two fixers on hand for the occasion, again by popular demand Charlotte Remming, who offers support in sewing and fabric repairs; as well as Eero Yli-Vakkuri, who can help with many matters related to wood, electronics and various household objects, as well as doing good turn sharpening knives and scissors… He is a general wizard!

This Trashlab repair café is made at the invitation of and supported by Prototype Helsinki network coordinators.

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Pixelache Projects / Recommended events

acoustic laptops

Build Acoustic Laptops! 15.9

Pixelache welcomes Norwegian sound artist Tore Honoré Bøe to Helsinki where he will lead a workshop on the construction of “acoustic laptops”. The workshop will utilise found materials and urban waste in the Pasila area, and participants will create their own micro-sound worlds inside a wooden box/container of their own choosing.  In building an acoustic laptop, one can rediscover sonic properties of small, everyday objects, question our digital culture and reclaim the waste objects of urban settings.

The workshop is from 14:00 – 18:00 on Sunday, 15 September and will occur at Dodo’s Kääntöpöyta space. There is space for ten participants; please register here, first come first served.

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