Open Sourcing Festivals website launched!

In the context of Open Sourcing Festivals, our UK partner Access Space is gearing up towards Do It Anyway 2015, their first ever festival as well as the first manifestation of a Pixelache Network festival in the UK. Do It Anyway is also the closing event for the whole...

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Camp Pixelache 2014 is over!
During Camp Pixelache 2014 in June, one of the thematics explored in a 2-day scenario thinking workshop/discussion was Bio-Commons, hosted by Finnish Society of Bioart, as part of the Synenergene EU programme. Coordinating collaborator Rüdiger Trojok has since compiled and published a white paper...
During Camp Pixelache 2014 in June on Vartiosaari, Alain Ambrosi & Frédéric Sultan from Remix the Commons platform worked together with M-Cult,'s Maria Candia and Kalle Kuisma to make recorded interviews & conversations with our Camp participants (see contribution call) about how they...
Current projects

Trashlab explores experimental art-design-technology practice between hacker and maker cultures, in the context of re/up-cycling and the increased availability of new fabrication tools.


'Autopsy of an Island Currency' book now available!
From the Archives
PikseliÄHKY is an international laboratory for creative experimenting with audiovisual technologies. This year's event is built around the themeVIDEOJUKKA(finnish term for a VJ) and will bring together a wide range of artists, academics, technology and media wizards and brave young creators....
Past projects

The Herbologies/Foraging Networks programme of events, focused in Helsinki (Finland) and Kurzeme region of Latvia, explores the cultural traditions and knowledge of herbs, edible and medicinal...

Past residencies

In the context of the map me if you will programme of Pixelache Helsinki 2011, Christian Nold (UK) has been invited by curator Susanne Jaschko and Pixelache, to realise a new art project in...

Coming soon: Ferment Lab
Foodycle 2014
During the first day of the festival held at Viikki Campus on Thursday 12.9, the library square, usually grey and empty, was filled with life, people and colours of a farmers market as well as workshop action. Energy was flowing all through the afternoon on the square, as well as all the way...
The food system is not a chain as it is usually referred to, rather, it could be described as consisting of a multitude of interdependent cycles. Problematic issues with the prevailing food system have become increasingly publicised in recent years. Pollution in the Baltic Sea, the horse meat...