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TRASHLAB (formerly known as Trashlab Repair Cafe) events are social occasions to gather, and to try to fix broken things, while meeting others who care about tinkering, fixing, hacking, and the problem of waste and obsolescence in society. For each event, the expert hosts will try to identify the problems or diagnose the broken item and direct participants on how they can fix their item.

We encourage people also to share their skills, learn from peer to peer and develop their own methods. While Trashlab cannot guarantee that all items are fixed (some might get diagnosed, some even more...

Coral Empathy Device -video by Kat Austen is something beautiful to share after the Interfaces for Empathy where it wasn't unfortunately presented as planned in Keinutuoli Korner open programme.

Please view it here https://vimeo.com/184068567

 Kat Austen describes her work...

Seeing through another's eyes. Making your blood tasty for the insects. Exploring the emphatic trade. Connecting with the other animals and dream space. Copying love, conscious touch, fierceness of the trees, synchronic movement of rocking and cells in water.

Just some of the experiences one...

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Trash tech workshop is an open electronics workshop, where discarded electronic equipment will be transformed into sound producing devices. The workshop will present the working process of Association for Experimental electronics, audience is welcome to participate! Our medium is electronic...