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Selvatorium – Call for Participation

Selvatorium is an event that will take place for the first time during October 2014 in the rural cultural space El Ensueño on the shores of the Palomino river in the Guajira department in Colombia. The objective of this event is to call together a group of people interested in working on themes related to art, permaculture, sustainable technologies, autonomous communication, the transformation and distribution of food and community development.
Selvatorium will take place in the mountains far from the cities. We feel it is important to promote what we call “positive migration”;  that is to say, a movement from the city to the countryside. We understand that the cities are overpopulated and promote a lifestyle which is not sustainable on a long-term.

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Misc / Pixelversity


Meet to Delete 5.5. Report

The ‘Weight of Information’ Meet to Delete event of the series took place on Monday 5.5. outside and at Pixelache office. As Owen Kelly reported: We “gathered some old Pixelache documents outside the office and solemnly light a miniature bonfire”. We went back indoors and slowly deleted some data from our laptops and tablets.. We tried to follow the advice of deleting more data than producing. Here is the report we sent Julian Priest:

Deleted (3 different approaches)..
1. Erased 40 photos (RAW+jpg) approx 30mb per photo = 1200MB taken 26 photos (RAW+jpg)
2. Erased data from files: 673.5MB
768 mails at 20kb = 15360kb = 15 MB
246 list posts = 4 MB
118 files = 2000 MB
46 comics = 184 MB
= 920 MB

Taken 26 photos (RAW+jpg) 26×30 = 780MB
1 photo documentation for blog post .jpg = 0.2 MB

This blogpost would be maybe 0.22 MB

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Ambassador Report / Misc


Recycling waste expedition reflection

By Sara Milazzo.

So we entered the recycling center to be welcomed with coffee and buns. First we were introduced to the history of the company, tracking back to the beginning of 19th century, and then onwards to nowdays with service packages and global networking trends.

The global aspect of big recycling companies doesn´t seem to be a easy and clear picture. Due to cultural, regulation and law differences it´s hard to global consensus, while problems should be dealt with locally. On one hand it is pure business, but on the other hand it´s very crucial for how life on earth will continue making it a common issue.

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Recommended events

window dressing_boqueria, photo: Ulla Taipale

ARTMEATFLESH Helsinki, 10th May, 2014

Flavour Studio,  Teurastamo (Abattoir)

Address: Työpajankatu 2, Sörnäinen, Helsinki

Free entrance

This live cooking show forces two teams of artists and scientists to face-off in a kitchen, where they will confront lab grown meat, future food cults, a secret ingredient and the very strong stomachs of the audience.  Join us to taste, debate or reject a future where meat from animals has disappeared entirely. The audience will be the judge of these recipes and rituals from the future, helping to decide if mankind should move towards automated protein factories or strange new festivals of excess and penance.


Oron Catts (SymbioticA),

Cathrine Kramer & Zack Denfeld (The Center for Genomic Gastronomy),

Laura Gustafsson (Toisten Historia),

Sirpa Kurppa (MTT), Chefs Jouni Ukkonen and Sami Tallberg

ArtMeatFlesh is a concept by Oron Catts ( SymbioticA, The University of Western Australia) and is organised as a part of Dinner´s ready,  a program and course curated by Ulla Taipale.

The event is supported by Aalto University, Flavour Studio and Kellohalli.

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Pixelversity / Recommended events


Update: Meet to Delete (The Weight of Information) event in Helsinki re-scheduled 5.5.

Update: Scheduled for Monday 5th May at 17.00!

New Zealand based artist-hacker Julian Priest‘s latest project is an orbital artwork called The Weight of Information, based on a pico-satellite was originally scheduled for launch on March 30th, to orbit the Earth for 3 weeks before burning-up on re-entry. It was finally launched on April 18th.

Pixelversity 2014 celebrates and engages with this endeavour as part of its ‘infowork’ thematic. We will arrange one of the related ‘Meet to Delete’ events taking place during the pico-satellite’s orbit-time and so life-span, inviting a group of people together for a bonfire party to delete information in solidarity with the satellite. Julian Priest will provide satellite tracking through a simple website, and request a matchbox of ash as documentation (we must be careful not to create too much information).

We meet up at Pixelache office (Kaasutehtaankatu 1) in Helsinki on 5th May at 17.00.

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Open calls / Pixelversity


‘Gold diggers’ dismantling & metal-extraction workshop at Kierrätystehdas 26.4.

[suomeksi tiedot alla]

The ‘Gold diggers’ dismantling & metal-extraction workshop will take place at this year’s Kierrätystehdas event at Kaapeli on 26.4., starting at 10.30 and will be led by Albert Laine in co-operation with Delegaatio, as part of Trashlab‘s April activities.

At the ‘Gold diggers’ workshop participants will mine old computers in search of valuable metals. Gold digging could be a way to earn some income. It could also be development work. Instead of leaving electronic trash on a derive to the global south, we can dismantle it here. You are most welcome to bring desktop computers to the workshop (the older, the better) to dismantle. We will handle the waste. The workshop is free of cost.

The workshop programme includes an introduction to the techniques of dismantling and metal-extraction by Albert Laine, video-material related to e-waste and documentation from a field trip to Kuusakoski recycling center and discussion with Anna Härri from, who talks about the electronic trash in faraway waste lands at 14:30.

Find our workshop in Merikaapelihalli 2kr (location PDF).

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Ambassador Report


Explorations on sustainable culture in Sicily

I (Mikko Laajola) was invited to visit and explore Sicily by Egle Oddo, a sicilian artist currently residing in Helsinki, for further collaborations regarding Maaland and other related Pixelache topics. Egle is currently working on Nuppu-project, which is a collaborative art project to preserve local plant seeds inside a public artwork.

In Italy, as well as in other european countries, traditional agriculture and countryside has transformed due to industrialisation and global capitalism. Many families have agricultural land and farms left abandoned, as they are not capable of competing with industrialised and imported goods and crops. With this knowledge in mind, we explored the topic through the potential of unused / wasted resources.
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Open calls / Recommended events

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 0.02.43

Nuppu – art shelters biodiversity in sculpture

In a time when global food technology companies are trying to replace most of our natural choices with their own products, Nuppu is an art project to preserve local plant seeds inside a public artwork. You can participate in the project on multiple levels: receiving the seeds and planting them together, finding and spreading knowledge about biodiversity, helping to build and maintain a network to understand international seeds circulation policies, coming to Nuppu’s art events with your friends, partner, family and being aware, supporting Nuppu via the mesenaatti platform etc. With simple and joyful gestures we can make a difference on a global scale. Read More

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Prix Cube 2014

Loyal to its calling to reveal, highlight and support the work of emerging artists in the digital art scene, Le Cube launched in 2013 the first edition of an international award for a digital artwork created by an artist under 36 years old, which tackles the topics of interactivity, generativity, networks, internet or mobility. A panel of experts will shortlist five artworks for the second Prix Cube to be exhibited to the public from 26 to 30 November 2014. The winner of the Prize will receive €10,000. Applications are open until May the 12th, at 12 O’Clock. Read More

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Pixelache Residencies


Salaa mä luulin, Stories from Salah Malouli

When somebody from the South thinks about going up North, cold always comes to mind. I’m one of those people. I was worried about the cold and I prepared a lot, spending weeks figuring out which clothes to buy for the freezing weather, thinking about how would I manage, expecting the worst. After all this preparation, I was ready to set foot in Finland, having said yes to Pixelache’ invitation for a micro residency in Helsinki, from the 4th to the 11th of March.

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Open calls / Pixelache Festival


Camp Pixelache next week on Vartiosaari!

Join us on Vartiosaari for a two-day unconference (7-8.6). The event is free and anyone can propose a Commons-related short presentation and take part in different types of activities, including discussion circles, thematic walks and workshops.

The advance activity proposals we have received via our open call include for instance: a guided tour of the environmental art exhibition on view all around the island from 8.6 onwards; a rope-guided tree climbing expedition to directly experience the unique features of the island’s forest’s biodiversity; a workshop focused on developing a citizen toolkit for creating Commons; various presentations exploring topics from bitcoin to solidarity economy and P2P Gardens.

All the advance activity proposals have been compiled into an online pad. You can get a glimpse of the programme here

> More general info about Camp Pixelache
FB event page

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Open calls / Pixelache Festival


Vapaaehtoiseksi Pikseliähky festivaaleille! (6.-8.6.2014)

[scroll down for english]

Etsimme vapaaehtoisia auttamaan tämän vuoden Pikseliähky festivaalin järjestämisessä kesäkuun alussa!

Pikseliähky Helsinki 2014 festivaali eli Camp Pixelache järjestetään Vartiosaaressa sekä Helsingin yliopistolla 6.-8. kesäkuuta. Festivaali kokoaa yhteen satoja kansainvälisiä ja paikallisia taiteen, designin, tutkimuksen ja aktivismin harrastajia sekä ammattilaisia.

Tapahtuman teemaana on tänä vuonna “The Commons”; avoimen lähdeköödin, lisenssoinnin ja kulttuurin haasteet ja näkökulmat. Alateemoina käsitellään bioteknologian, urbaanin kulttuurin ja tieteen avoimuuden, yhteisöllisen jakamisen ja tiedon kysymyksiä.

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Open calls / Pixelache Festival


Vielä ehtii mukaan Camp Pixelache:en!

Camp Pixelache 2014 järjestetään Vartiosaaressa sekä Helsingin yliopistolla kesäkuussa 6.-8.6. Pikseliähky-festivaali kokoaa yhteen kansainvälisiä ja paikallisia taiteen, designin, tutkimuksen ja aktivismin harrastajia sekä ammattilaisia.

Tapahtuman teemana tänä vuonna on ”The Commons”; avoimen lähdekoodin, lisensoinnin ja kulttuurin haasteet ja näkökulmat. Alateemoina käsitellään bioteknologian, urbaanin kulttuurin ja tieteen avoimuuden, yhteisöllisen jakamisen ja tiedon kysymyksiä.

Vielä voit ehdottaa työpajoja, esityksiä, esitelmiä!

Lue lisää

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Open calls / Pixelache Festival / Pixelversity


Extended deadline – Curie’s Children [glow boys, radon daughters] – Workshop in Helsinki/Finland

Call for workshop participants: “Curie’s Children [glow boys, radon daughters]: An investigation of radioactivity in the context of art, physics and activism” originating from the Case Pyhäjoki project.

When/Where: 2nd-5th of June 2014, Helsinki, Finland (exact place TBC)
Guides: Erich Berger and Martin Howse
Guests: Mari Keski Korsu, Andrew Paterson, and others
Application deadline extended: send your application including CV and motivation until 15.5.2014 to erich.berger [-at-]
Participation fee for coffee and radiation detector: 20€

The Curie’s Children [glow boys, radon daughters] workshop allows the uninitiated to easily enter into a physical and intuitive relation to nuclear and atomic processes, following simple hands-on experimentation, construction and research. This relation promotes an understanding of the complex issues surrounding contemporary uses of nuclear and atomic technologies, which could inform and help to formulate an artistic “response”.

As part of the Case Pyhäjoki project in 2013, Berger and Howse designed a minimal, low budget geiger radiation detector which is fast and simple to build. The detector serves as an introduction for the workshop participants to start a relationship with the complex political, economic and artistic positions orbiting the phenomena of nuclear decay.

During the Curie’s Children [glow boys, radon daughters] workshop participants will be guided through their own construction of the radiation detector device, and will extend this with further investigations, experiments, lectures, discussion, screenings, presentations and field trips.

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Open calls / Pixelversity


Meet & Interact, Workshop/Consultancy: Ronald Fraser-Munroe, iKAST, 16.-21.5.

iKAST is a creative intervention and provocation that merges live action, performance, and music across digital platforms. iKAST is also about equality of access and aims to pursue a more pluralistic engagement between independent creative producers and the public to produce revolutionary digitalism that explores a diversity of voices. K3 Media’s iKAST 2012 production was commissioned by and took place in Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, in partnership with FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), Liverpool, UK.

Ronald Fraser-Munroe from K3 Media is invited by Pixelache to Finland, to meet and interact with the Finnish performance art scene at this year’s Perf Festival 16.5. organised by T.E.H.D.A.S. in Pori. He then will share his iKast & long professional experience in a workshop/consultancy in Helsinki, hosted at M-Cult office 19-21.5..

This activity and call for participation follows an interest in Pixelache this spring related to low-cost, independent mobile A/V streaming devices which can fit into one’s pocket, or connect together in networks. Want to develop content ideas or solutions for independent or performance-based media streaming? Have a mobile device/raspberry pi/other connected device that does AV-streaming and you want to put it to creative use?

Download and read the report by Andrew Gryf Paterson & Roney Fraser-Munro/K3 Media (UK) [PDF, 11MB]

[suomeksi teksti myös alla]

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Open calls / Pixelache Festival


Camp Pixelache 2014: Open Call!

Pixelache Helsinki 2014 will be an international 2-day trans-disciplinary ‘Camp’-style event focusing on the theme of “The Commons”, held on Vartiosaari, a nature island surrounded by eastern suburbs of Helsinki, during 6-8th June 2014.

The photograph above was taken by Ville Hyvönen a few weeks ago, at the crossing point to Vartiosaari from the mainland. But in June at the time when we convene our Camp, the ice will have melted, so one should imagine instead water taxi, rowing boats or trash-rafts transporting people over the open water..

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Pixelache Network / Pixelache Projects


Open-Sourcing Festivals at Access Space Network in Sheffield (UK)

At the beginning of April from 2-6.4., as part of our ‘Open-Sourcing Festivals‘ project, our UK partner Access Space Network will be hosting a visit of representatives & guests from Piksel (Gisle Frøysland, Rasmus Hungnes, NO); Pikslaverk (Margrét Elísabet Ólafsdóttir, IS); Mal au Pixel (Mathieu Marguerin, Benjamin Cadon, FR); and Pixelache (John Fail, Tuomo Tammenpää, Nathalie Aubret, FI).

Access Space Network is the only one among the partners who has not organised a major festival event. Access Space Network is a registered educational charity and free access medialab with a very special methodology and philosophy, located in a post-industrial context with very high unemployment. Its practice centres on hosting hands-on workshops and peer-learning sessions for diverse members of the public.

In Sheffield the group will have Grundtvig ‘2nd step’ update meeting, do some Festival 2015 planning & brainstorming, discover Access Space, and visit other organisations. They will also create a ‘mini-festival’ one day, with only tweet-length descriptions of the programme! Look out for more details soon! Read More »

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Pixelache Festival


Camp Pixelache 2014 Keynotes

As the result of a collective nomination process that took place this winter–involving Pixelache’s members, expert board, and a committee of people interested in Commons issues–two speakers have been confirmed to give an introduction to the theme of Camp Pixelache focused on the Commons in early June. We have the pleasure to announce that Alain Ambrosi (Montreal, CA) and Markus Schmidt (Vienna, AT) will join our event and give keynote presentations in Helsinki on Friday afternoon 6.6, respectively on the Cultural/Knowledge Commons and on the Bio-Commons.

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Pixelversity / Recommended events


Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium 2014 & ‘Canary Coffee’ online contribution by Mari Keski-Korsu 19.3.

This year’s Waterwheel World Water Day Sympoisum (3WDS14) has the theme ‘WATER VIEWS: CARING AND DARING’, and promotes exchange between people who are concerned with water issues – for a better sharing of knowledge, perspectives and governance – through Waterwheel, an online platform dedicated to water. The symposium includes 200+ scientists, artists, activists and youth from 5 continents will present and interact with audience online and in 18 nodes (physical venues) in Argentina, Australia, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Morocco, New Zealand, Poland, USA, Taiwan and Tunisia among others. Do check the full programme between 17-23. March.

Mari Keski-Korsu is the only contributor from Finland, and will be broadcasting from Pixelache office on Wednesday 19.3. at 11am (EEST, Helsinki time). Over a cup of coffee she wishes to discuss about energy production and consumption, nuclear power in particular, what does water mean in the context of nuclear power, and also different ways of understanding what energy means.

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