Pixelache Helsinki Festival 2010

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1. Adam Zaretsky United States The Vivoarts School for Transgenic Aesthetics Ltd http://emutagen.com/vivoartgl.html
Adam Zaretsky is a bioartist, performer, researcher and art theorist. A former researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he recently founded VASTAL: The Vivoarts School for Transgenic Aesthetics Ltd. which focuses on legal, ethical and social implications of some of the newer biotechnological materials and methods: Molecular Biology, ART [Assisted Reproductive Technology], genomics, developmental biology and Transgenic Protocols. Vastal Public labs aid people in their own exploration of the intersections between art and life: Ecology, Biotechnology, Non-human Relations, Live Art and Gastronomy.
2. Albert Laine Finnish http://focuspocus.albertlaine.com
A good topic for conversation would be the the influence of monetary system in the ever globalizing cultural memes. As skilled and talented artists are hired for promotional (commercial) industry, will the credibility of art be diminished?
3. Aleksi Pihkanen Finland
4. Alex Regan Finland / Finnish manSEDANse-festival
5. Alexis Parra Saez cuban Productframes http://www.productframes.org
6. Anastasia Melekou Greek C:Art:Media http://melekou.net
Currently attending the C:Art:Media Master Program, of the Valand School of Fine Arts and IT University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Graduate student of the Fine Arts and Art Sciences department of the University of Ioannina. Interested in photography, video, installations, electronics and new media in general.
7. André Knörig Germany Fritzing/IxDS http://andreknoerig.de, http://ixds.de
André Knörig is an interaction designer with a distinct interest in physical, embodied interactions. André holds degrees in computer science and design. His creative research has been published at conferences such as TEI and CHI, and been exhibited at Ars Electronica and NIME. Currently, André is working as a research assistant at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, where he is project lead of Fritzing, an ambitious open source hardware initiative. He is also managing the Berlin-based IxDS Interaction Design Studios, a design research firm that creates innovative interactive products and services.
8. Andrew Gryf Paterson Scotland / Finland Pixelache http://agryfp.info/
Andrew Gryf Paterson is a Scottish artist-organiser, cultural producer and independent researcher, based in Helsinki, Finland. His work involves variable roles of initiator, participant, author and curator, according to different collaborative and cross-disciplinary processes. Andrew works across the fields of media/ network/ environmental activism, pursuing a participatory arts practice through workshops, performative events, and storytelling. Selected curatorial/organisational projects include recently ‘Alternative Economy Cultures’ programme of Pixelache Helsinki Festival (2009), ‘Clip Kino’ in Kirjasto10 Helsinki library and other locations (2008-2009), ‘Add+PF+?’ in the Pedagogical Factory programme at Hyde Park Art Centre, Chicago (2007), ‘Locative Media Workshop: Rautatieasema’ for Pixelache Helsinki Festival (2004). This activity has been characterised by the bringing together of unexpected elements and components around a ‘boundary object’ which each participant interprets differently, producing new imaginations and potential. He is currently a doctoral candidate at Aalto University School of Art and Design, consolidating under the thesis title of “Artivistic Fieldwork”
9. Andy Best FIN/UK andyandmerja.com http://www.andyandmerja.com
Artist and doctoral student/researcher, Crucible Studio, Media Lab, Aalto University School of Art and Design
10. Anna Autio Finnish Lasipalatsin mediakeskus/Lasipalatsi näyttelytila
11. Anna Pakarinen Finnish Lasipalatsin mediakeskus/Lasipalatsi näyttelytila
12. Anneli Björkvist HIAP ry http://www.hiap.fi
13. Antti Ahonen Finland Pixelache, KOELSE http://www.koelse.org
14. Antti Silvast Finland University of Helsinki http://www.kameli.net/demoresearch2/, http://asilvast.kapsi.fi/4klive/
15. Arne Kjell Vikhagen
16. Ashok Sukumaran India http://0ut.in/
17. Aura Seikkula Finnish Pixelache
18. Axel Straschnoy Argentina / Finland http://axel.straschnoy.com
born Buenos Aires, 1978. He studied with Mónica Girón and Miguel Harte in Buenos Aires and was a visiting student in Kuvataideakatemia, Helsinki. He holds a bachelor degree in Art History from Universidad de Buenos Aires. He took part in the Le Pavillon program at Palais de Tokyo in 2008/9. He showed individually in Galería Dabbah Torrejón, Buenos Aires in 2006 ( Los Proyectos Medley Taller Boceto), in MAA-TILA, Helsinki in 2007 (Camera), in the Finnish Museum of Photography (Helsinki) at the Galerie Xippas (Paris) and at the Salon Light/SP (Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo) in 2009 (Opening). He took part in the following group shows (selection): Territorios Ocupados (Fundación Telefónica , 2004), Urban Pedestals (Copenhagen, 2007), Todella Siistiä (Rauma Taidemuseo, 2008), Le Plan Méthodique de F. le Play (Palais de Tokyo, 2009). In 2005 he was awarded the first prize in arteBA-Petrobras Visual Arts Prize. He is currently a fellow at the Studio for Creative Inquiry, Carnegie Mellon University. He lives and works in Helsinki.
19. Aymeric Mansoux Netherlands / French GOTO10 http://goto10.org
20. Bård Eivind Dahl Norway none
21. Bjørn Wangen http://www.wangen.nu
22. Céline Coutrix Finland / French École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs http://www.hiit.fi/~coutrix/, http://drii.ensad.fr/
Céline Coutrix was born in 1982 in Rouen, France. Her professional orientation is shaped by the need to work in both art and science. In 2004, she spent several months at the Media Lab Europe - the european research partner of MIT Media Lab - in Dublin as part of the Human Connectedness research group: she worked on the art piece \"Passages\" with the artist Joëlle Bitton. She graduated in 2005 with highest honors from ENSIMAG, a top French educational institution in computer science. At ENSAD, a top French art school in Paris, she has been taking part to the research and creation program (EnsadLab) as an art student. She also defended in may 2009 her PhD in computer science at the University of Grenoble in France, in the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Engineering research group of the Grenoble Informatics Laboratory (LIG). Now, she lives in Helsinki and works at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology as a post-doc researcher and still contributes to EnsadLab, the research and creation program at ENSAD. Her current research in HCI is in the design and prototyping of interactive systems merging physical and digital worlds. She is the author of the Mixed Interaction Model and the OP toolkit. She has already developed a dozen of systems. She thus concurrently focuses on her scientific and her artistic goals.
23. CHIA CHU-YIA Singapore PR / Malaysian Valand School of Art, C Art Media, Gothenburg
24. Christina Stadlbauer Austria / Belgium http://apiary.be/
Christina Stadlbauer is an artist and chemist from Austria. She is especially interested in the complexity of nature-processes and health. Obtained a phD in Natural Sciences, and has been practicing and teaching Shiatsu (Japanese Acu-Massage). Currently occupied with urban environments, their transformation and potential. Works with honeybees, primarily in the city and with water in a context of health and healing. She is currently active in Brussels, occasionally in Austria. Within the context of the Herbologies and Foraging Networks seminar, we would like to invite her to present her project “The Bee Observatory”, and bring in the perspective of honey foraging in urban environments
25. Clara Cruz Spain Embassy of Spain
26. Claude Heiland-Allen UK/British GOTO10 http://claudiusmaximus.goto10.org
Claude Heiland-Allen (aka ClaudiusMaximus) is a digital artist from London, UK. Since 2004, Free/Libre Open Source Software has provided him with the instruments he needs to make art, without being chained to convenient but inflexible and ephemeral proprietary tools. He has a fascination with higher-than-three dimensional space, cubes of cubes, and their possibilities for danceable audio/visualization.
27. Daina Silina Latvia RIXC, The Centre for New Media Culture in Riga http://rixc.lv
28. Dan Stowell UK http://www.mcld.co.uk/
29. Daniela Arriado Norway iolab center for future arts http://www.iolab.no
I am attending the art&tech seminar 23-24th march
30. Dash Macdonald UK DashnDem http://www.dashndem.com
31. Dave Griffiths British FoAM http://www.pawfal.org/dave http://fo.am
Dave was raised on an early education in weaving, bell ringing and 8bit computers, and is now dedicated to changing the world with free software, live animation and noise. He works as a self employed artist/programmer, mainly working with the FoAM art laboratory and performs as part of slub - a livecoding band. He creates installations, open source software and teaches workshops around the themes of games, music and the lisp programming language. Past work includes computer graphics for games, feature film special effects and machine vision research for Sony's EyeToy group.
32. David Muth UK/Austria http://www.davidmuth.net/
33. Demitrios Kargotis UK DashnDem http://www.dashndem.com
34. Diana Riesco Lind Peru Valand School of Fine Arts http://www.driescolind.blogspot.com/
35. Diane Morin CANADA http://www.dianemorin.net
36. Domènec Spain http://www.domenec.net/
37. Dragana Serbia Valand School of Fine Arts http://www.cam.valand.gu.se
Dragana Lukic is first year student of C:Art:Media program at University of Gothenburg. She graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade 2008, Serbia and had exhibitions in country and abroad.
38. Edward Balassanian Armenia and USA ACCEA/NPAK
Architect (M.Arch), City Planner (M.C.P. and Ph.D.), Construction and Project Management, Community Organizer, Art Connoisseur. CCo-Founder and C.E.O. of Armenian CEnter for Contemporary Experimental Art ACCEA (Npak in Armenain acronym, in Yerevan, Armenia).
39. Eeva-Liisa Puhakka Finland
40. Elina Alatalo Finland Kolmekasi
Short Bio: An architect and a researcher of energy efficient building. Interested in location aware social media and its' influence on the experience of a city and on how we make space.
41. Elizabeth Neilson UK 176 / Zabludowicz Collection http://www.projectspace176.com
Curator of 176 Zabludowicz Collection, a contemporary art collection and non-commerical exhibition space currently based in London, UK.
42. Emanuele Bonetti italian piet zwart institute http://www.parcodiyellowstone.it
43. Erich Berger Austria / Finland http://randomseed.org
44. Erik Sandelin Sweden Unsworn Industries http://www.unsworn.org/
45. Flora Könemann German / resides in Sweden C:ART MEDIA Master, Valand, Göteborg / Sweden thereissomethingwrong withtheview.wordpress.com
46. Gabor Papp Hungary Kitchen Budapest http://www.kitchenbudapest.hu
47. Garth Zeglin USA Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute http://garthzeglin.com, http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~garthz
Garth Zeglin is an artist and roboticist living in Pittsburgh, PA in the USA. His robotics research centers on minimalist robot mechanisms which utilize natural dynamics for walking, hopping, or compliant manipulation. His personal art practice is focussed on kinetic fabric sculpture incorporating sensors and digital control to create portable contemplative installations. For the collaboration to be presented at Pixelache he has brought together both sides of his career to turn his research work into kinetic sculpture.
48. Giorgos Chloros Greek
49. Gisle Frøysland Norwegian Piksel http://www.piksel.no
50. Golan Levin USA Studio for Creative Inquiry http://www.flong.com/
51. gunnhild bjørshol Norwegian C:Art:Media Master studies Valand School of Fine Arts Sweden
52. Hanna Ojamo Finland Artists` Association MUU Finland http://www.muu.fi, http://www.hannaojamo.com
53. Heidi Holm Finland
54. Heidi Tikka Finland AVEK http://www.kopiosto.fi/avek
Media artist, production consultant
55. Helena Marika Ekenger Sweden Valand School of Fine Arts, Gothenburg
56. Heli Hälvä Finland / Finnish Kreab Gavin Anderson
57. Iheanyi Umez-Eronini United States University of Pittsburgh
58. Iina Kuusimäki Finland
Three Poems in Water. Recordings of three poems, max/msp, arduino, glass container, air pump, water. 30x30x70cm 2010
59. Ilya Baraev Nokia Design
60. Ingi Helgason United Kingdom Centre for Interaction Design, Edinburgh Napier University http://complexpleasures.wordpress.com/about/
61. Ingrida Liepyte Finland / Lithuania
Designer in branding and graphic design.
62. Jaanis Garancs Latvia RIXC http://www.garancs.net
artist, working internationally in areas of interactive multimedia installations and immersive audiovisual performance. Current artistic interest is in moving stereoscopic imagery and 3D/surround audio, designed for various contexts, including museum galleries as well as stage and live concerts.
63. Jaen Saul Estonia
64. Jari Suominen Finland / Finnish http://www.tasankokaiku.com/jarse
65. Jarkko Räsänen Finland http://www.dfacer.net
JARKKO RÄSÄNEN (b. 1984 Heinola) lives and works in Helsinki, Finland EDUCATION > Music technology, Stadia University of Applied Sciences 2004-5 > MFA Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, 2005- SOLO EXHIBITIONS > Out of Body Experience (with Kyösti Pärkinen), Kuvataideakatemian galleria Helsinki 2007 > Bar 9 Helsinki 2008 > Stereo Einfühlung (with Kyösti Pärkinen), Galleria FAFA Helsinki 2009 SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS > Utopia of Free City Space, Gallery Mania Tampere 2006 > Utopia of Free City Space, Gallery Maa-tila Helsinki 2006 > Lose With Me, Galleria FAFA Helsinki 2007 > Rantakasarmi ja 8 kokelasta, Galleria Rantakasarmi Helsinki 2008 > (V)aiheita, Kaiku galleria Helsinki 2009 > Re: Helsinki, Galleria FAFA (Lens Politica festival) Helsinki 2009 > New International School, Elevator Gallery London 2010 (February) PROJECTS > Make yourself at home, St Petersburg Russia 2008 --- A collaborative workshop between Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and Smolny Institute lead by Liisa Roberts. > Unknown Society, Prishtina Kosovo 2008 --- A collaborative workshop between Finnish, Norwegian, Kosovean artists and Stacion Centre for Contemporary Art lead by Milica Tomic. > Demoscene Seminar, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and Cable Factory Helsinki 2008 --- A collaborative seminar between Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and Alternative Party organization on demoscene and contemporary art. > Treignac Projet, Treignac France 2009 --- A collaborative workshop lead by Shahin Afrassiabi. PUBLIC ART > You can't wash it away because it's not dirt, Helsinki 2005-6 --- Mobile video installation on public walls of Helsinki centre. > Careful Whispers, Rikhardinkatu Library (Unknown City festival) Helsinki 2007 --- 14-channel sound installation inside and outside the library building. > Dfacer.net, Lasipalatsi Meeting Point (Lens Politica festival) Helsinki 2009 --- Interactive net art piece installed on the public computers of Lasipalatsi Meeting Point of Library 10. SELECTED PERFORMANCES > Interpretation of “Indeterminacy” (John Cage) with laptop at Cartes Flux 2-festival, Espoo Museum of Modern Art 2007 > Live sound with electronics in Unknown City festival, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki 2006 > Live sound with laptop in Studio Là-bas, Cable Factory Helsinki 2004 > Live sound with laptop in Alternative Party, Gloria Helsinki 2004 > Live sound with laptop in Muu Monday: Yacht Club, Muu Gallery Helsinki 2003 BIBLIOGRAPHY > Article "Real-time Sonic Texture", Media and Urban Space (Frank-Timme Scientific Publishers, Berlin 2008) --- Article in the Bauhaus Univärsität Weimar's Mediacity conference book about a net art concept "Real-time Sonic Texture". > Article "Miksi demoscene?", Mustekala.info 2008 --- Article about demoscene and media art. This was also quoted in > Helsinki (Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, AESD, Helsinki 2009) --- Collaborative book project organized by Agency of Economy and Space Developement. CRITIQUES AND ARTICLES > Critique of "Stereo Einfühlung" exhibition, Pirkko Holmberg Mustekala.info 5.10.2009 > Critique of "Out of Body Experience" exhibtion, Leena Kuumola Huvudstadsbladet 16.6.2007 > Article about the work "You can't wash it away because it's not dirt", Vesa Sisättö Aamulehti Valo 24.3.-30.3.2006 > Article about the work "You can't wash it away because it's not dirt", Mikael Brunila NytTid 10.3.2006 > Article about the work "You can't wash it away because it's not dirt", Jussi Pullinen Ylioppilaslehti 10.3.2006 > Article about the work "You can't wash it away because it's not dirt", Kansan Uutiset December 2005 > Article about the work "You can't wash it away because it's not dirt", Katri Talaskivi Metro-lehti 21.11.2005 PRIZES AND GRANTS > Travel grant of Art Council of Finland for the "Unknown Society" workshop in Pristina, Kosovo 2008 > Travel grant of Art Council of Finland for participating "Mediacity" conference in Bauhaus Universität Weimar, Germany 2006 > 1st prize in "Utopia of Free City Space" art competition with the work "You Can't Wash It Away Because It's Not Dirt" 2005
66. Jenni Pystynen UK Jason Bruges Studio http://www.jasonbruges.com/
67. Jessica Suni Finland Ruokaa ei aseita / Food Not Bombs http://akl-web.fi/rea
68. Jodi Rose Germany / Australian Bridgeland / Transcultures http://www.bridgeland.be, http://www.transcultures.be,
Jodi Rose is a Berlin-based artist, writer and creator of Singing Bridges, an urban sonic sculpture using the cables of bridges as musical instruments on a global scale. Originally from Australia, Rose has traversed the globe from Helsinki to the Mekong Delta, New York to Lisbon in an endless quest for bridge music. Made with field-recordings, on-site interventions and improvisations, her fascination with sonic bridges has led to diverse collaborations with artists and works exhibited, broadcast and published in Australia, Scandinavia, UK, Asia, Europe and America. Rose explores the philosophical and musical aspects of cable vibrations through global transmissions and installations; is developing a musical interface for model bridge instruments; hosting on-site sonic interventions, and linking bridges all over the world through new meta-nation Bridgeland (every bridge everywhere) and the Global Bridge Symphony. Pixelache is still her favourite festival and she is very excited to be returning - looking forward to sparks ideas connecting flow. Singing Bridges: http://www.singingbridges.net
69. Johanna Kerovuori Finland
70. Jon Irigoyen Spanish Pixelache http://www.pixelache.ac/helsinki/festival-2010/programme/the-invisible-city/
71. Josephine Gianni British Nokia
72. Judit Zita Boros Hungarian Kitchen Budapest http://kitchenbudapest.hu
I am a researcher at Kitchen Budapest, and I am in charge for the project called Poem Bean.
73. Judith Funke ISEA2010 http://www.isea2010ruhr.org/
74. Juergen Neumann Germany freifunk.net http://freifunk.net http://openspectrum.eu
Juergen Neumann started working with information technology in 1984, and since then has been looking for ways to deploy ICT in useful ways for organizations and society. As a consultant for ICT strategy and implementation, he has worked for major German and international companies, as well as on many non-profit projects. Besides his professional engagement, in 2002 he co-founded http://www.freifunk.net, a non-profit campaign to spread knowledge and social networking about "free and open wireless networks” — a campaign globally regarded as one of the most successful grassroots community projects in this field. Then, frustrated from reflashing hundreds of wireless access points over the past years, in 2007 Neumann initiated the Open Hardware Initiative — an alliance of activists lobbying for open source hardware at the sidelines of both eastern and western hardware industries. In 2008, he co-organized the first Open Technology Summit in Taiwan. Besides his job as CEO of a private consultancy company, his recent activities include digging deeper into the possibilities of manufacturing open source(d) chip designs and lobbying for new and more open licensing models for the radio spectrum.
75. Juha Huuskonen Finland Pixelache http://www.juhuu.nu
76. Jukka Hautamäki Finland http://www.mediataide.com
77. Jukka Ylitalo http://juy.fi/k
78. Julia Markkula
79. Kai Widell Finland Muu ry, (äänityöpaja)
80. Karen Niemczyk USA/ Resident in Sweden c:art:media at Valand http://www.interpolations.org
Am presenting piece on Saturday
81. Karsten Gebbert German GOTO10/Puredyne http://krgn.goto10.org
82. Kärt Ojavee Estonia
83. Karthikeya Acharya School of Art and Design, Aalto University
84. Katrin Caspar Germany http://www.katrincaspar.net
85. Kevin Bartoli rybn, mal au pixel http://rybn.free.fr/index2.html, http://artkillart.free.fr/index2.html, http://www.malaupixel.org
86. Kristin Bergaust http://www.productframes.org
87. Kristina Laine Lithuanian http://focuspocus.albertlaine.com/
Project FocusPocus participant.
88. Krists Pudzens Latvian Art Academy of Latvia http://www.houseofbits.com
Please see in attached files for project proposal.
89. Laura Räsänen Finland Espoon Taide- ja Tietotekniikkakeskus, CARTES http://www.cartes-art.fi
90. Li Zhenhua China / Switzerland LAB, Beijing, China/eARTS Shanghai, China http://www.bjartlab.com http://www.maf2010.com http://www.shearts.org
I am running a LAB in beijing and the eARTS festival in shanghai
91. Lina Kusaite Lithuanian FoAM vzw http://fo.am
92. Lisa Erdman Finland Aalto University School of Art and Design http://www.lisaerdman.com
Doctoral candidate, multimedia artist
93. Liv Læssøe Denmark DR http://aviary.dk
94. Loredana Bontempi Italian Piet Zwart Institute http://parcodiyellowstone.it
95. Louise Brazilian & Italian Hammerkit http://wwww.hammerkit.com
96. Magnus Torstensson Sweden Unsworn Industries http://www.unsworn.org/
97. Maike Lond Estonia MIM Project http://mimproject.org
98. Malin Lindmark Vrijman Sweden Kultivator http://www.kultivator.org/
KULTIVATOR is an experimental cooperation of organic farming and visual art practice situated in rural village Dyestad, on the island Öland on the southeast coast of Sweden. By installing certain functions in abandoned farm facilities (including a white cube made of cow dung, for exhibition and gatherings) near to the active agriculture community, Kultivator provide a meeting and working space that points out the parallels between provision production and art practice, between concrete and abstract processes for survival. Founded in 2005 by Mathieu Vrijman, Malin Lindmark Vrijman and Marlene Lindmark, artists, and Henric Stigeborn and Maria Lindmark , farmers. With support from Swedish governmental Foundation for future culture, Agricultural ministery of Sweden and Provincial funds. Kultivator has under 4 years of activity hosted around 30 visual artists from more than 10 different countries for longer or shorter periods, and as an artist farmer collective set up projects, exhibitions and screening on site on Öland or internationally. Kultivators organic farm has 30 milking cows, 30 mother sheep and production of vegetables, forestry and rape seed oil, running since 1995.
99. Malina Cailean Canadian C:Art:Media http://www.malinacailean.com
100. Marek Michalowski USA/Poland BeatBots http://beatbots.net, http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~marekm
Marek Michalowski is a roboticist who develops socially interactive robotic characters for entertainment, therapy, and research. His research with the robot Keepon focuses on rhythmic and nonverbal interaction. Michalowski holds M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University and B.A. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science and Psychology from Yale University. He has held visiting researcher positions at institutions in Japan (ATR, NICT), Korea (KAIST), and France (CNRS).
101. marek Pluciennik
102. Mari Keski-Korsu Finland Aether9 http://1904.cc/aether
103. Maria Duncker Finland
104. Maria Nordlund Finland Loesje http://loesje.fi
105. Marika Orenius Finnish in Sweden C:Art:Media Konsthögskolan valand http://www.cam.valand.gu.se/About_C_Art_Media
106. Markus Huber Germany / German transmediale, festival for art and digital culture http://www.transmediale.de
Programme Manager, Research and Development
107. Markus Petz Britain (coming from Finland where I live) / Citoyen du Monde Pispala Centre of Contemporary Art (Hirvitalo) / Pispalan Kumppanuus ry http://www.hirvikatu10.net
running the foraguing network stuff - we did an event in Ptarmigan. Now we do stuff at Pixelache too!!!
108. Markus Renvall Suomi Av-Arkki Mediakriittinen laboratorio
109. Mårten Bergkvist Sweden http://vimeo.com/user2733113/videos
Last year student at the c:art:media master program. Valand, school of fine arts.
110. martinka bobrikova slovakia / slovak c:art:media/ valand http://www.madefromwaste.org
111. Marton Andras Juhasz Hungary Kitchen Budapest http://kitchenbudapest.hu
research supervisor
112. Martti Hyvönen Finland Helsingin Energia http://www.energianeuvoja.fi
113. Martti Mela Finland Urbanaani Oy http://marttimela.com
sound artist; member of collective Resonator Helsinki, the group behind the soundscapes of Finland's Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo 2010.
114. Mathieu Marguerin Mal au Pixel http://www.malaupixel.org
115. Mathieu Vrijman Netherlands / Sweden Kultivator http://kultivator.org/
KULTIVATOR is an experimental cooperation of organic farming and visual art practice situated in rural village Dyestad, on the island Öland on the southeast coast of Sweden. By installing certain functions in abandoned farm facilities (including a white cube made of cow dung, for exhibition and gatherings) near to the active agriculture community, Kultivator provide a meeting and working space that points out the parallels between provision production and art practice, between concrete and abstract processes for survival. Founded in 2005 by Mathieu Vrijman, Malin Lindmark Vrijman and Marlene Lindmark, artists, and Henric Stigeborn and Maria Lindmark , farmers. With support from Swedish governmental Foundation for future culture, Agricultural ministery of Sweden and Provincial funds. Kultivator has under 4 years of activity hosted around 30 visual artists from more than 10 different countries for longer or shorter periods, and as an artist farmer collective set up projects, exhibitions and screening on site on Öland or internationally. Kultivators organic farm has 30 milking cows, 30 mother sheep and production of vegetables, forestry and rape seed oil, running since 1995.
116. Matti Niinimäki Finland http://mansteri.com
117. Matti Pentikäinen Finnish Katusea / Punkt http://www.katusea.fi, http://www.punkt-text.com
118. melissa c. ortega sweden/ peruvian valand school of art goteborg university
119. Michael Smyth UK Centre for Interaction Design, Edinburgh Napier University http://www.michael-smyth.co.uk
Michael Smyth is a Reader in the Centre for Interaction Design, Edinburgh Napier University, UK. He has worked in the fields of Human Computer Interaction and Interaction Design since 1987 and during that period has published over 50 academic papers in refereed journals, books and conferences. In addition he has had interactive installations exhibited at both UK and international conferences and arts & design festivals. He is co-editor of the forthcoming book entitled Digital Blur: creative practice at the boundaries of architecture, design and art.
120. Mikael Wehner Sweden Pixelvärk, Swedish VJ Union http://www.pixelvark.se, http://www.vjunion.se/
121. mike bradshaw Finland/UK BarCampHelsinki http://claimid.com/ymb
122. Mikko Eley http://www.coffeeandsnow.com
123. Mikko Laajola Finland Pixelache, KoKoMYs http://kokomys.org/
Mikko Laajola is an artist-gardener and maker based in Turku and Helsinki. In the last years he has been organising electronic workshops within the collective KoKoMYs, and is a member of Piknik Frequency ry (organisers of Pixelache Festival). He interested in open-source practices and exploring open-hardware technologies. In the previous year, Laajola has been actively working with current lo-tech gardening systems, including hydroponics, and hacking household appliances to create more sustainable solutions. He is working towards social change and the development of self-organised education.
124. Mikko Lipiäinen Finland Center of Contemporary Art Pispala http://www.hirvikatu10.net
125. Mikko Pitkänen Finland http://www.interactiondesign.se/mikko
126. Minna Piirainen http://pixelache.ac
127. Minta Metteri suomi pispalan kulttuuriyhdistys ry
128. Mira Heija FIN Pispalan Nykytaiteenkeskus http://www.hirvikatu10.net
129. Miska Knapek Finland / Denmark http://www.knapek.org
130. Nantapat Choothanaisawan Thailand / Thai
131. Nathalie Aubret France / Finland Pixelache http://www.pixelache.ac/
132. Neda Zarfsaz Sweden/Iran Valand School of Fine Arts
Artist, born in Oroumieh in Iran (1981), lives and works in Göteborg in Sweden, Neda Zarfsaz is an ambitious artist and curator. She showed up interest in Design and Art since she was nine by trying out various fields in art such as painting, calligraphy, design, and photography. Having an imaginative mind and noble creativity she has her own style in her ideas and in the way of coming up with them. Majored in Visual communication design she is now studying Masters in C:Art:Media at Valand School of fine arts in Gothenburg. Beside her academic studies she has extreme researches in philosophy of art, art history and photography. Curating art projects and having works accepted in exhibitions throughout the world.
133. Niko Punin Finland Punin Design http://www.punin.com/
Niko Punin is a designer based in Kemiö. He has a background in new media, development of digitally enhanced spaces and digital communities. Since moving to the island of Kemiö in 2007, he has been researching possibilities and developing systems for self-sufficiency, off-the-grid living and alternative models for small-scale communities. He is in the process of starting an open distributed horticultural research community, that combines the use of low-cost DIY LED plant lights and the power of the distributed research model to accelerate the progress of plant research.
134. Nina Nordström Finland
Nina Nordström on 24 vuotias dokumenttielokuvaohjaaja Helsingistä. Ennen elokuvaopintojaan hän teki pätkätöitä kokkina. Hänen viime projektissaan hän soluttautui kommuuniin pariksi viikoksi ja oppi sieltä käsin roskisdyykkaamaan. Hän teki samalla aiheesta dokumentin nimeltä “fregaani huuma tai elämäni vihreällä sohvalla”. Se näytettiin joulukuussa YLEn FST5:lla ja on ollut mukana erilaisissa ympäristöaiheisissa tapahtumissa, kuten Ympäristötoimintapäivillä Orivedellä. Nina innostui dyykkaamisesta toden teolla dokumenttia tehdessään ja on siitä lähtien elänyt fregaanin elämää. Hän on myös osallistunut aihetta käsitteleviin tapahtumiin, kuten Äiti, minulla on nälkä -näyttelyyn Sanomatalossa sekä puhunut kouluissa ja radiossa aiheesta.
135. Olga Mashkina Russia / Finland SYKE http://www.ymparisto.fi
136. Olly Farshi Finland / English
Oliver Farshi is a composer and sound artist. Oliver’s sound art explores the shifting boundaries between the physical and the digital, examining notions of digital ownership, virtual and real space, and electronically-mediated intimacy. He has previously exhibited and performed at a variety of International festivals and galleries, including The Victoria & Albert Museum, Resfest Austria, Design Museum London, Greece’s Media Terra, New Interfaces In Musical Expression (NIME), Foldback Sound Festival, Futuresonic and Milan’s Salone Internazionale Del Mobile.
137. ona kamu Finland
body music
138. oscar gil lorente sweden Goteborgs Universitet, valand school C:Art:Media http://madefromwaste.org
139. Ossi Kakko Finland
Ossi Kakko (b. 1979) has been devoted to forager-gardener way of life since 1997. As an artist he has utilized video and networking courses f.e. to campaign against GMOs/biopiracy and for promotion of eco-forestry, minor forest produce, subsistence farming and ecological housing. He refused finnish military conscription and related civil service including the prison sentence of 195 days. Recently he's been cooperating with tribal adivasis in India.
140. özgür demirci Turkey / istanbul - Turkish Valand School of Fine Arts - C:Art:Media http://ozgrdemirci.blogspot.com
C:Art:Media 2nd year master student.
141. Päivi Meros FINLAND Espoon Taide-ja Tietotekniikkakeskus, CARTES http://www.cartes-art.fi
Taiteen uusiin medioihin ja digitaalisen taiteen edistämiseen keskittyvä Espoon Taide- ja Tietotekniikkakeskus Cartes esittää ja tuottaa ääni- ja kuvamaisemia sekä niihin liittyviä interaktiivisia elementtejä kutsuen kaikenikäistä yleisöä näkemään ja kokemaan. Espoon kaupunki, Sibelius- Akatemia ja Teknillinen korkeakoulu perustivat Cartesia ylläpitävän säätiön vuonna 1989.
142. Patrik Akrenius Finland Aalto University http://treasurechest.tumblr.com
143. Paul Scerri USA Carnegie Mellon University http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~pscerri
Paul Scerri works in robotic and multirobot systems, primarily for disaster response.
144. Pauline LALONDRELLE Switzerland / France Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival http://www.luff.ch
145. Pauline Vievard Switzerland / French -
work as a Horticulturist and landscape designer interested in eco themes offered by Pixelache
146. Pei-Ying Lin Taiwan http://elimitabo.net
147. Peter Votava http://pure.test.at, http://www.heartchamberorchestra.org
148. Petri Lievonen Finland Aalto University + HIIT + Pixelache http://neocybernetics.com/
149. Petri Ruikka
150. Piritta Puhto Finland http://www.kompistuotanto.com
151. Raitis Smits Latvia RIXC http://www.rixc.lv
152. Rakel Liekki Finland http://www.rakelliekki.com
I will take part in in the Self-sustainable Party Container.
153. Raquel Rennó Spain / Brazilian ZZZINC http://www.raquelrenno.com
I´ll be presenting a paper on "Signals from the South" meeting.
154. Rasa Smite Latvia RIXC http://www.rixc.lv
155. régine debatty belgium http://www.we-make-money-not-art.com/ http://www.we-make-money-not-art.com/
156. Richard Widerberg Sweden Valand c:art:media programme http://cartmedia.valand.gu.se
157. Rimvydas Naktinis Lithuania Toostis http://toostis.com
158. Sakke Soini http://www.sakkesoini.com/
159. Sami Klemola Finland Heart Chamber Orchestra http://www.heartchamberorchestra.org
160. Sampo Karjalainen Finland Sulake http://www.sulake.com/
161. Sanna Kaitakari FI Cartes http://www.cartes-art.fi
162. Sanna Marttila Aalto University, School of Art and Desing, Media Lab
163. Sarah Viévard Spain / French tramuntana festival http://www.tramuntanafestival.com
producer Tramuntana festival (Cadaqués, ES) + LEM festival, Experimental Music Meeting (Barcelona, ES)
164. Sari Kippilä Finnish Quitu http://www.quitu.com
165. Selena Savic Netherlands / Serbia Piet Zwart Institute http://kucjica.org, http://pzwart2.wdka.hro.nl/~ssavic/applepolis
166. Shaina Anand India http://chitrakarkhana.net/
167. Shawn Pinchbeck Canada University of Birmingham http://www.spinchbeck.com
168. Signe Pucena Latvia Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts SERDE http://www.serde.lv
Signe Pucena is executive director and programme curator of The Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts SERDE in Aizpute, Latvia, founded in 2001. She has gained her higher education at the Latvian Academy of Culture in Folklore and Traditional Culture, aswell as a MA in Cultural Management. Between 2000-2008 Pucena was project manager at RIXC Centre for New Media Culture, Riga, producing various new media events, festivals and workshops. Since 2005 she has been participating in the expeditions and fieldwork research in the Latvian countryside, learning about the traditional cultural forms still existing in the contemporary age. Her creative and innovative approach to cultural heritage work with SERDE was recognised with the Latvian Folklore Grand Prize in 2007.
169. Silja Nielsen Finland University of Turku
170. simon Morris
171. Sinikka Piippo Finland University of Helsinki Botanical Gardens http://www.fmnh.helsinki.fi/users/piippo/index.html
Professori Sinikka Piippo on koulutukseltaan kasvitieteilijä. Hän on valmistunut filosofian maisteriksi vuonna 1981 ja lisensiaatiksi 1984, sekä väitellyt tohtoriksi 1986 Helsingin yliopistossa. Hän on toiminut Helsingin yliopiston luonnontieteellisen keskusmuseon kasvimuseon itiökasviosaston johtajana vuodesta 1995 lähtien. Piipon tutkimustyö on suurimmalta osin keskittynyt Kaakkois-Aasian, erityisesti Papua-Uuden-Guinean ja Kiinan, maksasammalten systematiikkaan ja kasvimaantieteeseen. Hän on julkaissut alalta lähes parisataa tieteellistä ja yleistajuista artikkelia. Jo varhain Sinikka Piipon mielenkiinto suuntautui myös lääke- ja yrttikasveihin, joiden käyttöä hän alkoi opettaa jo 1980-luvun loppupuolella. Matkat eri puolilla maailmaa kartuttivat omalta osaltaan tietämystä alalta ja synnyttivät monia artikkeleita kasvilääkinnästä. Piippo on opettanut luonnonkasvien hyötykäyttöä 1980-luvun lopulta alkaen ja kirjoittanut lukuisten artikkelien lisäksi kirjasarjan Luonnon lääkeyrtit 1–4, Rakkauden ja Mielen Kasvit (2006) ja Kasvien salaiset voimat (2009). Hänet on palkittu 2006 Suomen tietokirjailijoiden Tietokirjailijapalkinnolla.
172. Sirpa Kurppa Finland MTT (Agrifood Research Finland) http://www.mtt.fi/
173. Sue Ann Hong USA Carnegie Mellon University http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~sahong
Sue Ann Hong is a PhD student in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University. Her current research work involves solving planning problems under uncertainty using machine learning algorithms. Prior to graduate school, she received her B.S. in Computer Science from the California Institute of Technology in 2005.
174. Sune Petersen Denmark MOTORSAW http://galakse.dk
175. Taavet Jansen Estonia MIM Project http://mimproject.org
176. Teemu Leinonen Finland Aalto University School of Art and Design http://www2.uiah.fi/~tleinone/
177. Terike Haapoja Finland Art & technoscience conference / Academy of Fine Art http://kuva.fi, www.terikehaapoja.net
178. Theodoros Kovaios Greece A.S.F.A Athens School of Fine Arts http://phrixos.blogspot.com
179. Thomas Westphal German MUU http://thomaswestphal.blogspot.com/
Born in Bochum Germany, studied in Enschede Aki, Netherlands and Emily Carr Institude Vancouver BC Canada, lives and works since 2001 in Helsinki. Works often deal with sports as well as other recreational activities and their impact on culture and society.
180. Timo Kaukolampi Finland IHME Club http://www.myspace.com/takaukolampi
181. Tomi Dufva Finland Muu ry http://muu.fi , htp://tomidufva.com
182. Tomi Toivio Finland m-cult/FLOSS Manuals http://fi.flossmanuals.net
183. Tuomo Tammenpää Finnish Yatta http://www.yatta.fi, http://www.misusage.org
184. Ulla Jaakkola Finland Pixelache http://www.pixelache.ac
185. Ulla Taipale Finland / Spain Capsula http://www.capsula.org.es
Ulla Taipale / CAPSULA (FI/ES) is an independent curator, cultural producer and photographer. Lives in Barcelona and in Finland. Taipale holds a B.Sc. in environmental engineering and communications and a postgraduate degree in Curating and Cultural Practices in Art and New Media. Since 2005 she works in Capsula, that is a curatorial research group whose interests focus on the meeting point between art, science and nature. Capsula collaborates with cultural institutions internationally and has curated and produced events for CCCB (Centre for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona), El Matadero/Cultural Centre of Madrid City, El Laboral/ Centre for Art and Industrial Creation in Spain, Pixelache Festival and Kiasma Mediateekki in Finland, among others.
186. Vahida Ramujkic serbian / spanish http://www.irational.org/vahida / http://www.rotorrr.org
187. Ville Hyvönen Finland pixelache http://vimeo.com/ville
188. Vincent Guimas Ars Longa http://www.arslonga.fr/
189. Virve Lukka HIAP ry http://www.hiap.fi
190. Vytautas Michelkevicius Lithuania / Lithuanian MENE.cc http://www.balsas.cc, http://www.mene.cc/index.php?id=6, http://www.3xpozicija.lt
Looking for partners to Participatory Baltic Sea Network and Event “Inter-format” (Vilnius, Lithuania)
191. Wato Tsereteli Georgia Center of Contemporary Art - Tbilisi http://cca.ge
192. Wojtek Mejor Poland Pixelache, Warszawa Gratis http://boringdesign.org, http://warszawagratis.info
193. XAVIER BELLMONT Spain Embassy of Spain
194. Xavier Villafranca
195. Yichun Liu Taiwan

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